Tornadoes carry people and destroying homes in the U.S.. New tornado in Missouri

More than 140 people have died because of the devastating tornadoes that hit central U.S. states, according to the Associated Press.

Most affected by the disaster, Missouri, where the victims of the storm were 125 people. Tornado went through the center of the town of Joplin, leaving about two thousands of destroyed buildings, including hospitals, schools, churches, shops and homes. According to local authorities, about 900 people living in the city, were wounded.

The survivors call themselves lucky and talk about the fact that only a miracle helped them escape the raging storm. Internet users are searching for the missing network during tornado teenager Will Norton. He returned with his father from the school in a car when hit by hurricane. The young man is carried away by the wind.

Hurricane went through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. It killed 16 people. In southern Indiana, which also swept by tornadoes in the hospital were 12 people.

U.S. National Weather Service on Thursday issued a warning about the threat of tornadoes in more than ten states. Passage of strong tornadoes is expected from southern Texas to Ohio in the northwest of the country.

More than 230 residents of Missouri were missing after the tornado

More than 230 residents of the American city of Joplin unaccounted for as a result of the tornado that struck on Sunday at Missouri. On Thursday, the City told Itar-Tass.

The death toll has reached 125, another 750 residents received injuries of varying severity. This tornado was the most destructive in the U.S. over the last 60 years. Joplin wiped out a third element, totally destroying 2,000 buildings.



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