Tornadoes continue to kill in a big way

According to forecasts of experts to study the climate, global warming in the future would cause even more devastating natural disasters than those experienced in the last days the Midwest and Southeast United States. At the same time, say meteorologists say that swept the American states tornadoes are the result of climate change, is premature.

"The effect of climate change on atmospheric phenomena while you can only judge by the statistics: there are more rainfall, increased front of warm air, the nights are less chilly — quoted NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt LiveScience.
— At the same time, the emergence of a series of tornadoes like the one we saw, requires a combination of several factors, which are not so common. A demand from climate experts to provide immediate conclusive reasons cataclysm — means asking for trouble. "

"Ingredients" for a stunning cocktail of natural scientists call two atmospheric phenomena. The first — a bundle of air front in warm moist air near the earth's surface and cold air in the upper atmosphere. The second component of the "perfect storm" — the difference in wind speed and direction at different heights.

When warm moist air encounters a cold stream of air masses moving at a different speed in the other direction, there is a tornado.

However, even in the long-term appearance of giant thunderstorm tornado — a relatively rare phenomenon, says a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (Colorado) Morris Weissman: tornadoes occur only in 25% of the stormy weather.

The main question that fighting climate scientists in the light of recent events — is how often a combination of adverse factors will arise as a result of global warming. Using computer modeling expert at Purdue University, Robert Trapp back in 2007 found that climate change will contribute to a more frequent occurrence of "storm clusters" in several regions, including the most affected by the recent disaster.

"We have clearly seen that the regions that have repeatedly experienced the vicissitudes of the weather, in the first place will undergo more frequent climatic tests," — said Trapp, noting that the increase in the number of these tests will not depend on the season.

Number of fatal tornadoes in the U.S. during the week is nearing 300. Casualty data every hour. If the day April 28 was aware of the 173 victims,
then the morning of the 29th, this figure exceeded 300. Such a serious toll put this calamity in a row with a series of 148 tornadoes that occurred in 1974 and also cost the lives of over 300 people.

Each year in the U.S. there are about a thousand tornadoes. In addition, almost every American coast affected by the hurricanes. The most devastating and widespread in its history natural disaster was Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, struck the coast of Florida, Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Was flooded largest city of Louisiana — New Orleans. Killed more than a thousand people.


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