Tornadoes in northern Sweden. Video. Photo

Tornadoes and high winds on Saturday June 4th brought turmoil in northern Sweden knocked a lot of trees. One man was seriously wounded in the northern province of Västerbotten, and is currently in intensive care.
"The number of fallen trees probably most of the time is how long I live here, the agency has received hundreds of phone calls with reports of falling trees on the road which caused traffic jams" — tells the dispatcher the Swedish Transport Company (Trafikverket) told news agency TT

Worse still had energy company Vattenfall, almost 15 million subscribers were without power in the provinces of Västerbotten and Norrbotten
On Sunday, thousands of people were still without electricity and waiting in line, they include 2,400 subscribers Vattenfall, 425 subscribers and 2280 EON subscribers Skelleftea Kraft, — the newspaper oblasnaya Norran.
"In some areas, power lines are badly damaged by fallen trees," — says Roger Lindmark, a representative of Vattenfall
Element formed as a consequence of the connection of cold atmospheric front western warmer.
According to observations Shvetskaya Meteorological Institute SMHI tornado not such anomaly for these places.

"Every year a few cases registered hurricanes, mainly in the summer" — confirms meteorologist (SMHI) Lynn Rehn.

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