Tornadoes in the U.S.

One person was killed and 14 injured in a powerful tornado that struck the U.S. state of Louisiana, reported in the local law enforcement.

Brunt of the disaster took place on Saturday in the town of Rhine. In the area affected by bad weather, a power outage. Strong wind had been felled many trees, destroyed buildings, pipeline and power line. In Raine now begins Debris clearing and clearing the streets, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

Local authorities in advance with the police had set of operational activities for evacuation. This helped avoid a significant number of victims.

Medical Officer reported that one person is in critical condition.

In early March by the disaster in central U.S. killed four people. Stormy weather with winds and rain struck the Midwest and have produced tornadoes in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Heavy rains, accompanied by gusty winds up to 100 km / h, caused flooding in most parts of Ohio. Over the banks of the river flooded roads and residential areas.

Source: Lead

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