Tornadoes off the coast of Israel

Strong atmospheric vortex that has formed over the Mediterranean Sea, was observed yesterday morning near Poleg Beach in Netanya, said second channel ITV. Tornado, which is a typical atmospheric phenomenon for the Eastern Mediterranean, formed under one of the storm clouds that drifted to shore strong south-easterly wind.

Tornado, the speed at the center of which reached 100 kilometers per hour, was moving along the shore, picking up a sandstorm and effectively abandoning umbrellas and chairs. One woman received minor trauma of the subject raised in the air.

According portal Wikipedia, tornado — an atmospheric vortices formed in cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud and spreads down, often up to the surface of the earth in the form of arms or trunk cloud of tens or hundreds of meters.

The development of a tornado cloud distinguishes it from some externally similar and also differ in the nature of phenomena, such as a tornado vortices and dust (sand) vortices. Usually, the transverse diameter funnel of a tornado in the lower section of 300-400 m, although if a tornado touches the water, this value may be as low as 20-30 m, and the passage of the funnel over land may reach 1.5-3 km.

Inside the funnel air rises rapidly rotating, highly rarefied region creates air. The vacuum is so significant that the closed gas-filled objects, including buildings, explode from the inside due to the pressure difference.

This phenomenon increases the damage from the tornado, difficult to determine the parameters in it. Determination of air velocity in the funnel is still a serious problem. Most estimates of this quantity are known from indirect observations. Depending on the intensity of the vortex flow velocity it can vary.

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