Torrential rains have covered the island of Kyushu

Rains in Japan

Japanese authorities are recommended to evacuate 150,000 residents of Kyushu.
Heavy rains, cover the island, constitute a risk of flash floods and landslides

VLADIVOSTOK, June 13, PrimaMedia. Heavy rains have covered the southern Japanese island of Kyushu and Shikoku, so that the Japanese government recommended to evacuate the population, according to RIA PrimaMedia.
Japanese authorities have issued a recommendation to evacuate 150 thousand inhabitants of the southern island of Kyushu in due to heavy rains that hit the region.

In some areas of Kyushu level of rainfall exceeded 250 mm, write to the ITAR-Tass on LiveJournal TOKYO REPORTER.

The disaster were the major cities of Nagasaki and Kumamoto, and the island of Shikoku. Meteorologists warn of the danger of flooding and landslides, which are of particular concern in the mountains.

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