Total control in 2011 Video


In an interview with Aaron Russo recalls that he once asked Rockefeller, "Do you have all the money in the world that you need. You have all the power in the world that you need. What is the meaning of all this, what is the end goal? "
Rockefeller replied to this: "Our ultimate goal — to make sure that everyone was chipped. In order to control the whole society, the bankers and the elite to control the world. "

After chipizatsiyu and control over the material by introducing human-UEC world government wants ultimately to enslave people and make all the obedient slaves, ready to take a single ruler, coming into the world of 3.5 years before the end of the world. The film explains in detail the technical risk of the introduction of UEC and shows the sad experience of the introduction of such stuff abroad. Of course, it all goes to the abolition of money.

Uploaded Ratmistr, date: 02.08.2011

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