Total control. Smartphone — a spy!

It seems that soon the only place where you can hide from the eyes of the omnipresent eye of the Government will be wildlife. Mud huts, caves, without electricity and electronics — the best protection against interference with constantly. The reason for that will be constantly improving hardware, software, and all that we have with you in your pockets and bags: Phones and smartphones …

Programmers from Indiana University and the Office for the development of the U.S. Naval Sea Systems (NAVSEA) provided technology secretive drawing a three-dimensional model of environment from malicious software installed on the smartphone.

The technique is described in a preprint posted on the website, writes briefly about her blog Technology Review.

The authors tested the technology on 20 volunteers that are committed to smart phones with secretly installed program. She periodically made photographs of the situation in the experimental room and at the same time recorded sensor data movement and position of the vehicle. After pre-treatment (removal of blurry photos and photos taken in the dark), the image secretly transferred to the management server.

On the server from a set of photos with the help of data from the motion sensors built a three-dimensional model of the room. On average, the resulting models were detailed enough — they contain about 180-800 thousand three-dimensional points. For orientation, they were drawn up special client software, which can detail the specific details of photos.

After receiving the models, they were passed to other participants of the experiment. Two groups of volunteers were to discover sensitive information contained in the room (passwords, documents, account numbers). In this case, the same group provided pictures, and the other — the resulting three-dimensional model. According to the authors, three-dimensional model, in contrast to the photos turned out to be much more convenient for this purpose — to steal sensitive information with it was much easier.

Experts emphasize that the creation of the program prompted a desire to explore the hidden vulnerabilities arising from the use of modern smartphones. At the end of his article, they discuss the various software and processing methods that might impede the creation and use of this type of malware.



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