Tourists evacuated from coastal islands from flooding

 Maritime rescuers on Saturday evacuated 23 tourists with their machines that are trapped on the island by the withdrawal of the banks of the river after prolonged rains Litovka, told RIA Novosti EMERCOM Russia's edge.

On Friday, rescue workers were evacuated from the area of high water in the area by helicopter Dalnerechensk 28 tourists, cut off from home and enter the track.

"On Saturday, rescuers had transportation of cars from the beach" Golden Sands "at the mouth of the river Litovka Partyzansky. There 20 August due to the rising waters was blocked by a group of tourists from 23 people. Crossing for cars administration Partyzansky provided cranes and pontoon" — said.

According to him, at 19.20 local time (12.20 MSK) operation for the transportation of cars and tourists has been completed, they went home.

"A group of tourists came to rest on August 17 in the number of 31 people for 12 cars. Eighteenth August administration Partyzansky alert tourists spent in the area of adverse weather conditions, precipitation, and recommended to leave the place of rest. Recommendations followed by three families, 23 people were in danger zone "- explained

He noted that during the night on August 21 to help the tourists blocked rescue team arrived, holidaymakers were evacuated from the island offered. Leave the rest without personal cars people refused and decided to continue the rest to fall in water level. In case of deterioration of the situation on the ground around the clock lifeguard.

After heavy rains about seven hundred people in the Primorye were in the zone of flooding. Saturday morning was flooded 298 private holdings and gardens, 38 basements. Due to the elements over a thousand people in ten villages were left without electricity. Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of Primorye. Rescuers on Friday evacuated from the flood of tourists by helicopter 28, cut off from home and enter the track. Rescue workers and road workers are restoring the damaged sections of the route diversion of flood flows from populated areas, organize supply of food, fuel for backup power sources.

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