Toys and not only

Toys — the foundation of the development of children. They help children learn about the world. There are a number of consumer properties that should have every toy.
These include: security, clarity for the child, a beautiful appearance. All these qualities have toy brand "1 TOY". On the Web site offers a wide range of products for children. By the way, is also something that adults will like.
For example, bicycles, sports & tourism, and more. As for children, the pages of the electronic catalog you will find just about anything you might need child. If your child asks for free bicycle or scooter, it is to refer to the website of the trademark "one TOY". Here is a huge selection of traditional bicycles, and two-or three. Also, here you can find a variety of spare parts for this vehicle.
Many kids love to swim, in which case they will enjoy a very bath toys. The portal parents and children will be thrilled more electrified and musical toys. To say nothing of the countless typewriters, soft toys, toy soldiers, engineers and other traditional children's games!
And what beautiful dolls for girls can be found here! Very popular lately interactive dolls that can communicate with the child understood sentences and answer verses and passages from famous children's fairy tales. Also, the store has the opportunity to purchase a variety of accessories for dolls: houses, strollers, clothing, etc.
Separately, it should be said about such a necessity as toys. Their use will help develop memory and logic of the baby, to form a systems thinking and easier to adapt to the world around them. Moreover, it is not only useful, but also fun, so that the child will be happy to play at the same time to fully develop, learning the basics of arithmetic and Russian.
It is worth noting that the price of goods "1 TOY" available and appropriate for each customer group. Toys of this brand can be purchased at retail outlets and on the online store, which is very convenient for those who are not able to get to the point of sale. On the site you can always find out about new offers and promotions, and read useful information about parenting.

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