Tragedy in Krymsk — Revenge of Demeter!

Coincidence or fate — I do not know, but the day had been disturbed tomb of Tamerlane began and the Great Patriotic War. A few years before this date, in 1939, the Vatican revealed the burial at the Cathedral of St. Peter and at the same time, the Second World War.
This is the most well-known cases of many, but here's the nearest time we were plundering mounds found near a temple of Demeter in 2010 in New Jersey. No need to strain your memory especially since Krymsk, located just 40 kilometers from this place still rake vengeance of the gods.

In 2010, archaeologists Eastern Bosporus Archaeological Expedition in the village of Sciences Bulletin, which is 40 kilometers from the Crimean was found a unique temple dedicated to the goddess Demeter. Find the remains of such a monumental structure built on all the Greek architectural canons in a place where earlier in the views of scientists lived only local barbarian tribes, this was a scientific sensation.

But miracles are not over yet. Almost next to the temple was discovered and unique barbarian necropolis with an amazing ritual burial of the dead. Dead men do not put in the ground, and just laid on the surface, where they ate wild animals. This kind of tradition, there is still the inhabitants of Tibet. In ancient times, this custom was practiced by Zoroastrians in Persia.

Under the steps found in the Krasnodar region of the temple of Demeter was discovered mounted the altar of more ancient sanctuary. Apparently, native local population without problems acknowledged the supremacy of the new god, and even allowed us to construct a new sanctuary on top of the altar of their ancient gods.

By how monumental remains of the temple, we can safely conclude that this was a very revered place. For two centuries, on the altar of the temple sacrifices were held regularly, as indicated by the large amount of ash found at the site.

Demeter in ancient times, is "responsible" for the harvest. It is agriculture, namely, the cultivation and sale of bread, were the backbone of the economy of the ancient Kingdom of the Bosporus, to which owned all the surrounding area. Moreover, some of the findings suggest that this church could have held the Eleusinian mysteries: the most mysterious ancient rite.

The uninitiated, even accidentally podsmotrevshego this action killed on the spot. The same fate awaited the adept, "blabbed" seen one. The ancients believed that only the initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries could expect to stay in Eleziume — Greek paradise, the rest was prepared for Hades.

Help with this memorial fund has provided archaeologists "Archaeology". Its staff and volunteers over the past two years, took part in the excavations, helped by all available forces to protect the temple and tried to reach out to the officials and to convey to them the value for the history of the country and the region as a unique find.

In connection with the program announced by President Vladimir Putin on the establishment of tourism clusters in the Krasnodar region, with a proposal to create at the site museum exhibit, or at least to ensure the protection of the Fund appealed to the governor of the region Alexander Tkachev. And while the regional administration pondered an offer archaeologists, in spring 2012, a group of vandals invaded and destroyed the monument of the temple altar slab.

Desecration of the altar of the church of all peoples of all religions was considered the worst sacrilege. Even then, among the members of the expedition, who are well acquainted with the beliefs of the ancient flashed the thought that the goddess Dimetra this attitude to forgive myself. According to ancient Greek legends insulted her, Dimetra punished the most terrible way. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the Kuban after what has happened has stood abnormally dry spring, disastrous impact on the future harvest. The next event was the disaster which claimed many lives in Krymsk. These tragic events are entirely consistent with the well-known myth about the goddess DIMETRA. That is how strongly and violently Dimetra finishes with everyone who has ever been involved in some way in the desecration of its sacred places.

From fellow archaeologists in the Fund "Archaeology" learned that next to the Crimea "black diggers" was looted burial mound on Neberdzhaevskom reservoir. This is exactly the reservoir, which many locals believe the cause of the accident.

At one time, when creating this artificial water reservoir was flooded many mounds. Because of the drought this year, the water in the reservoir moved and exposed these burials. This immediately took advantage of looters and opened a lot of graves. The scientists involved in this monument, just trying to attract the attention of officials and the public to what is happening destruction of historical monuments, but were not heard. The police refused to open a criminal case. Now local people are actively talking about a curse for the committed sacrilege.

And in the last few days the news came from the head of the excavation in the Gazette, in the sanctuary of Demeter, which is excavated again attacked by robbers. Was again broken altar and dug area of the temple. That same day in the village of Taman, where the central camp of the expedition, to develop a strong dust storm.

There are various ways to treat the legends, but few would argue that everything in this world is interconnected. Nature, material and spiritual culture of our ancestors have always been in the natural relationship. And, disrupting the delicate balance, we risk not only to draw upon his head in serious trouble, but completely lose touch with the past — and thus deprive themselves of the future. Maybe it's better not to risk it? So — just "fire" case ….

All burials in ancient times was accompanied by magical inscriptions with a curse on those who disturb their peace. That's one of the inscriptions in Pantikapeyskom (Kerch), the crypt, the city that is also part of the Bosporus, "With good fortune, Sorak, the son of Sorak, the claimant penalties that has made this tomb (geroon) from the base of the new and not throw away someone else draw the bone. Let no one be offended me here dwelling and not be disturbed (my) bones, but if anyone is offended or disturbed me (my) bone or throwing (them) out, then yes, he will not get fruit of the earth, neither the sea, and the death but did not go down to Hades. "

Material provided for the publication of the "Fund Archaeology."


"Archeology Fund", as a public non-profit organization, formally established in 2004. But in fact, it exists, it can be said for almost twenty years. In the early 80-ies of the organizers of the Fund as teenagers every summer went to archaeological expeditions and actively conducted archaeological excavations. They have the experience of a few tens of field seasons in various archaeological expeditions in Central Russia, the Crimea, and North Africa. Someone became an entrepreneur, someone diplomat, someone official, but the fascination remains archeology in their lifetime.

Education in 2004, the "Fund Archaeology" has become just another logical step in the service of science of ordinary people. That's why the "Archeology Fund" today — this living, truly social organization, uniting those who care about national history and world culture.

Today, the founders of the "Fund Archaeology" brought in archaeological expeditions have their children, they call friends to holiday at archaeological excavations, and in the off-season attracts those who want to do something useful for a variety of interesting scientific events.



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