More than 130 of our compatriots who sold for a "hump" military secrets, caught red-handed in the last 10 years. This burst of betrayal country has known in its history.

A few days ago, Vladimir Putin made a statement that was widely seen as a sensation: called security did not enforce the country's spy mania. Obviously, the GDP had in mind, first of all some of the trials of recent years, when the charges were traitors to the homeland are often sewn with white thread. But it would be naive to ignore the real espionage, thriving in the country. Let's try together to understand this shameful phenomenon.

Who betray their homeland?

Counterintelligence officers, investigators and psychologists classify as modern traitor: jealous, vindictive, melkodushny, greedy, dissatisfied with their financial and professional office with access to classified information. Military rank — not below major. Preferred to recruit genus or species of Forces Strategic Missile Forces, Space Force, Air Force, Navy, electronic intelligence.
A typical representative of the "deserving" (to foreign intelligence services) traitors — Baltic commander Sergey Velichko, Ship deputy commander for intelligence. "Accidentally" acquainted with the Swedish spy Peter Jensen, he spent several hours talking to him in good faith on the structure of naval intelligence capabilities of the equipment, the names and purpose of naval units. Velichko passed the exam: Assessment — $ 3 thousand and then continued his career in the Information Center Intelligence Directorate of the Baltic Fleet, which found a job at the request of the Swedish curators.
By this time he was "under the hood" of the Russian counter-intelligence. But to take the act trader secrets did not work: Velichko, like a computer, all the information stored in my head (a brilliant memory!). Pierced only once: too lazy to memorize a summary of Intelligence and just grabbed it with you. That was enough. On the Kaliningrad railway station he turned out his pockets. And then ransacked and flat. Here, too, found a lot of interesting things: clogged secret data notebooks, addresses, passwords, secret liaisons. Drawn to the area five years …
Unlike Velichko, who recruited, Major Igor Angelica became "Initsiativniki" — he made contact with American agents. Angelica served in the headquarters of the Orenburg Missile Army, laboriously pounding on the diskette information about the battle of the native part of its states and weapons, command and control facilities and plans for combat use. Hit this information to the destination, one of the largest groups of missile would be simply paralyzed. Moreover, the management would have to rebuild all the nuclear forces of the country. Disketochka would cost Russia 100 kilograms of gold!
Angelica also praised her mighty well: set a price of $ 500 thousand
Counterintelligence stunned: even super spy Tolkachov, sold in the 80's West radiofrequency Soviet "defense" has requested only $ 100 thousand But Tolkachov considered a "champion" for spyware fees. The record, of course, survived. Major let go of remorse 12 years in prison. Angelica explained his betrayal poverty: a dependent 9-year-old disabled son, the salary is small, no office outlook …
But the most exquisite delicacy in the networks of foreign intelligence services have always been considered the secrets of the GRU. The officers of the GRU Space Intelligence Center Vladimir Tkachenko, Gennady Seryshev and Alexander Volkov sold to Israeli intelligence "Mossad" 200 secret satellite images of the Middle East. Only at Volkova found during a search of $ 345 thousand, but it is curious that for all the rap in jail only Tkachenko — the innocence of his accomplices expensive lawyers convinced the court.

How to betray?

Today is profitable to sell a piece of the motherland is simple: to the largest military secrets allowed a huge number of soldiers, scientists and government officials — a total of about 12 million (!) Sekretonositeley. Each of fairness not check …
In the early 90's on the background of mass impoverishment of the Russian army and the "defense" began to emerge spy huge market: dozens of traitors almost came out in droves to foreign intelligence services and offered their services. State secret traded as potatoes. It got to the joke: assistant to the "Aeroflot" in Zimbabwe Vladimir Gurdzhiyants tried to sell there the intelligence data about the Russian secret service, who worked under the "roof" … his company. Traitor "tied" to the peak moment of the transaction. Traitor who chooses to earn extra money, we should not so much be able to: make copies on the copier or re-shoot them on film, decant the files on a computer disk, and then secretly take away from headquarters, institution or factory. And that's the hardest thing — to find a buyer so as not to light up in the FSB. Because most cautious of going on holiday or a business trip to the CIS countries, where out on our embassy once potential adversaries. There's also received instructions, new tasks, passwords and contact address.
Well, after all, like in the movies, "accidentally" thrown into the alley cartons of milk (they — containers with materials or money), secret meetings in the eatery, trains, trolleys …
In the secrets of traders are served not only the poor officers, but also quite wealthy businessmen-defense industry. These buyers are looking for, as a rule, colleagues — at international forums, exhibitions and arms during official visits. For example, General Director of JSC "Ehlers electron" Victor Kalyadin sold to an employee of the American firm "General Dynamics limit systems" Farid Rafi technical description of the active protection of the tank "Arena" (this is a unique device destroys projectiles flying in the tank). Treacherous chain looked like this: secret information received from Kalyadin fellow entrepreneurs Peter and Alexander Ivanov, and they, in turn, bought it for $ 10 million in Head of Sector counteract technical intelligence Kolomna KBM Yuri Serikova and former colleague Anatoly Borisenko.
A career officer of the American CIA Edmond Pope, in order to relieve the seller from the pangs of conscience, introduced by the representative of the company for the production of soap. And before you purchase the most advanced designs in the world torpedoes "Squall", "bought" for $ 14 million Professor Bauman. Bauman Anatoly BabkinAnd Professor had to this article is not the latter ratio. If the characteristics of the "Shkval" (in the non-export version) fell to the Americans, 20 years of labor would be depreciated by Russian designers instantly. And due to the damage would have gone to hundreds of billions of dollars …

How much does it cost?

In the second half of the last century, the greatest betrayal of getting fat GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky. He put treason on a grand scale: selling nuclear secrets and GRU agents to two intelligence — the American and English. To accounts in foreign banks Penkovsky regularly "dripped" tens of thousands of dollars. After the arrest, trial and execution of Defense Penkovsky two more five-year plan to start up a fifth of the military budget by rearranging sold enemies of deployment and management of strategic nuclear forces, to update disclosed Penkovsky intelligence network. Experts have calculated that this amount could build four aircraft carrier!
But the Air Force pilot Lt. Viktor Belenko in 1976 clearly bad bargain by hijacking in Japan super-secret MiG-25 for a $ 5 million "Total" — because of the mysteries of the device of the aircraft 10 years hunted hundreds of CIA agents. The car was worth $
30 million, and in its development the state has spent $ 2 billion Belenko After escaping the Air Force had to completely change all combat aircraft system iff, which took $ 13 million
In the democratic era selling military secrets abroad was put on stream. And nimble speculators sought to protect their crimes state, "roof", palming documents for signature is not always adequate president. Sometimes it worked. And when the Prosecutor General's Office to open a criminal case, such documents were covered. For example, in the United States was sold super-secret missile system S-300V to England — stuffed with technical secrets tank T-80U and gun-missile system "Tunguska" with a wide range of secret weapons. The amount of damage is assessed at $ 2 billion for the betrayal Nobody said nothing. One can only imagine what arguments to convince the Russian Themis …
In recent years, foreign intelligence related to the Russian military secrets, like spoiled gourmets: choose the most delicious "dishes." For example, a fantastic Tank "Black Eagle" that foreign designers never dreamed of. Not surprisingly, the residents of besieged Omsk defense plant, like a wolf flags. And, finally, reached the Head of the Technical Office of Alexander Sakov. He began to drag for a passed supertayny. Some of them cost $ 2 million, but was willing and Saks for $ 500.

+ + +

Only in the last 10 years, trade secret cream of scientific and technological progress, as well as information about the foreign employees of the GRU and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia has caused damage, which, according to the most minimal standards, is estimated at 50 percent of the country's gold reserves. And the meanness is priceless …

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