Transgenic foods. Dinner is served!

In the mid-sixties, I remember, in the journal "Technology-Youth" under the heading "Did you?" I read some interesting information "In today's world patented 200 types of margarine." I was then amazed. Well, what else can are mixed in margarine to qualify for recognition in the world of novelty, without which no one will give a patent? These are the laws of all the states?

How did this most margarine "experts" are distinguished by the color, quality, smell and taste? My "genetic memory" still retains the taste of Vologda butter, already in the fifties of the last century. But I do not know whether it is made? Or maybe "Vologda butter" and is produced under this brand, but its members include: mimics the taste and flavor, stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives and antioxidants. But, I have no doubt that the basis of the main ingredient of this product laid — a pleasant memory of that distant childhood. And then I felt a wave of nostalgic, sometimes unpleasant, but where to go. I remembered that once had to return to the store, "Dawn," which was on Pioneer Street, chops, which together with minced meat was milled local newspaper.

It was and is! Now the newspaper is no longer grind, probably not beneficial for economic reasons, would be a more expensive. Nerves You've got to take care of! Is the food in this world, everything has calmed down and stabilized? But, no, no, yes, and bring us unpleasant facts. Even the official television, for example, the program "Moment of Truth" with presenter Andrei Karaulov, the whole of Russia is known about what is happening in the food market Shaped disgrace. How to break through the dam water rushed at us information about products containing GMOs (Genetically — modified organisms). And then I, as an ordinary man in the street, but with a specific journalistic bias, climbed to seek written confirmation to know, and what is this "beast", which broke out because of "fuss". I did not have a huge reservoir of information, pick out a "gram extraction."

Among the scientists found plenty of people who are diametrically opposed views. The representatives of the laboratories of companies — manufacturers of genetically modified organisms, there is solidarity opinion on food safety with the use of GMOs. They are something you can understand. They make money. Opponents, on the contrary — is not advised to jump to conclusions about the impact of GMOs on human health, especially children, and are building the bleak outlook for the health of future generations. And then for some reason I thought of blessed memory Kirishsky biochemical factory that produced BVK (protein-vitamin concentrate) on the basis of by-products of oil — namely, paraffins. At this plant, the flagship of Microbiology, great expectations. Animals, which is mixed into the feed BVK, very quickly grew and farmers anticipating the pleasure to fill up the country meat production. What came of it, many kirishane remember perfectly. The city has been a sharp surge in the incidence and even fatal. Kirishane, old-timers well remember the names of the victims laid on the altar of the microbiological sciences. Truly — "Science requires sacrifice." Allergic disease in people given the nickname — "Kirishanka."

Another feature of the BVK was the fact that when feeding it to animals, the residual wax is not processed by the body and ends up in the tissues of the meat. And then, getting into the human food, the same paraffin zashlakovyval human cells, which leads to all sorts of diseases. And then the social movement "The sixth section," headed by the chief physician of the hospital VP Esinovskim came to the defense of the population pulled hard on the "contagion" and demanded that the leadership of the city close to the production BVK BHZ. Production shut down, but the "genie was already out of the bottle." It's too tempting was the idea of creating an artificial food or somehow force the beast poshustree increase meat and plants "must" bear fruit abundantly and give a rich harvest in all weather conditions and land, and even to resist the invasion of insects — pests, but for small material and physical costs. And now, apparently, the age-old dream come true scientists to "free" to subdue nature.

The first experiments Voluntaryists Khrushchev promote the cultivation of maize in the North, you will remember — have failed. Microbiologists also fell nadezhd.Na replace the failed microbiology came genetic engineering. The principles of the final product seems to be different nutrition and goals remain the same — to force nature to obey the whims of economic agricultural producers.

Let us remember, as was the case in the historical aspect. Over the life of our country, the then Soviet Union, not just hung "sword of Damocles" enslavement. Immediately after World War II took up the baton to a potential aggressor USA. There was an atomic weapon, followed by the Cold War was unleashed. However, the state created by our nuclear shield is not cooled the aspirations of the West to dominate the world. And then it is time to occurrence of another threat from the United States — bacteriology. Against the Soviet Union developed biological weapons using scary carriers epidemics of plague, cholera, anthrax, etc. That's when the question rose sharply on the production of vaccines against these possible epidemics. Then began the golden heyday of microbiology in the USSR. There are specialized bureau, laboratories and BHZ.

Not spared this Kirishy. Threat of a biological warfare was pushed. But as we know, a byproduct of microbiologists and chemists, was the creation of a seemingly purely "civilian goods" of all sorts NWR (plant protection) — pesticides (insecticides). These chemicals are used for crop protection. Depending on the application, pesticides, herbicides are divided into (used to kill weeds), insecticides (to control pests, insects), zootsidy (for rodent control), fungicides (to control fungal pathogens of diseases). These toxic chemicals sprayed from aircraft over large areas. But, the people instead of benign agricultural got the opposite effect — "boomerang." Sputtered material sucked the root system of plants and plant products, settled in, and grass eating animals affect the quality of meat products.

Those NWR washed away by rain, trickling down to the rivers and lakes, ponds poisoned fish stocks. That's right, in the pursuit of yield, was broken ecosystem, and the nature of today cruel revenge for interfering in its "holy — holy." Again, Russia was faced with yet another surge of various diseases. Under the pretext of fighting for the harvest — poisoned our land. But it was still only "flowers". In the 90 years the Russian market appeared genetically modified products (GMO). And from that moment began to come true the dream of conquering the world. In the hands of their most dangerous weapon was present — genetic. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is not just a food of dubious quality, this new insidious weapon that is used against the whole of humanity and nature itself.

Today is a bomb that will explode in a few decades. According to the expert, "the Committee of the NATO — Russia's food safety chains" Irina Ermakova, genetic modification is much worse than the nuclear reaction. Because it is — a ticking time bomb. At 140 million population Russia, Western politicians, do not hide, do brazen predictions that by such and such a year, Russia will remain 50 million or even less than that of the population. Their beliefs formed on the prepared "soil". Even if just "weeds" will be able to seize the agricultural fields of Russia, which is opposed to Western politicians — it will be an amazing victory, what kind of even dreamed nor Napoleon or Hitler, right-country winner will be able to supply the defeated country by those products that have been modified and they can contain anything. Not only that, they will get more and fantastic profits at the expense of the supply of these products. Currently, small and large manufacturers abundant supply Russian gardeners and farmers with all sorts of toxic chemicals NWR. And above, I have already said that they do not decompose in the soil and eventually get to the food on our table. All now created plant varieties and animal breeds, are the product of human intervention in the genome.

In the twentieth century the methods by which this process could accelerate, for example, with the help of ionizing radiation, high and low temperatures or exposure to chemical mutagens. Mutagens — substances that can cause changes in the genetic material inherited mutations. Additional chemical mutagens — alkaloids, such substances kakmorfin, caffeine, cocaine, strychnine, quinine and nicotine, urea derivatives, as well as foreign to the nucleic acid of the organism. Mutations can occur spontaneously but they tend to be very harmful for the organism. Therefore, the new chemicals that come into contact persons: synthetic drugs, food preservatives, hair dyes, cosmetics, household chemicals and pesticides are tested for mutagenic activity. Also found that many mutagens and carcinogens are at the same time, ie substances that cause the development of malignant tumors. Is this not the lies another of the causes of cancer?

Today, traditional agriculture is impossible without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Many of the pesticides officially considered hazardous to the environment, but people continue to use them consciously or under pressure from the farmers, to whom the task execution over the shaft at any cost. Pesticides are not only high toxicity but also the biological activity and the ability to accumulate in various food chain. In high concentrations, they can have a toxic effect on the human body. And that's when they appeared genetically modified organisms, which seem to have been conceived as the creation of new varieties of plants and animals that are not sensitive to toxic chemicals, but grown with their use, and according to this themselves saturated with these toxic chemicals. First transgenic food products using genetically modified organisms appeared for sale in the U.S. in 1994 It was the tomato Flavr Savr, created by the company «Calgen», as well as herbicide-resistant soybeans company «Monsanto». However, some European countries followed the path of non-genetically modified organisms.

For example, Austria is a country that is completely free of GMOs. A similar law was passed in Greece, Poland iShveytsarii. In some provinces, there are areas of Spain proclaimed "free zones GMO" .. In Australia and New Zealand are also several "zones free of GMOs," In Russia have been tested and, unfortunately, odobrenyRospotrebnadzorom several varieties of plants produced using genetic engineering, in particular production companies «Monsanto Company» and others. According to the Epidemiology 2008, the share of GM products on the Russian market is less than one percent. In reference sources is a list of companies that use GMOs in the production of their products: Kelloggs, Nestle, HeinzFoods, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Danon, Similac, Cadbury, Mars, PepsiCo, Monsanto.

The most common foods that are marked as unsafe for human consumption: MarsM & M, Snickers, Twix, MilkyWay. In the category of dangerous products were chips. The fact that the chips are harmful, many have heard more than once. But why? But because the chips — a mixture of carbohydrate and fat in the shell dyes and taste substitutes. Special care should be taken to soft drinks, "Sosa — Sola" (Coca — Cola), "Pepsi — Cola ',' Sprite ',' Fanta 'tonic' Denali 'and' Fruktime." They usually contain felatanin, part of the synthetic sweetener aspartame (E951), which promotes the development of manic depression, panic attacks, rage and violence. Sodium benzoate (E211), which is used as a preservative, inhibits enzymes, which leads to metabolic disorders and obesity. Second place is occupied by hazard fast foods, belyashi, pasties, french fries, shawarma, and everything that is fried. Because all this is often fried in the same oil, changing it, God bless times a day. The result — the same carcinogens. Variety of fast food — chips, crackers, nuts, chocolate and nut bars and other favorite kids products. As such products kaksosiski, sausages, shpikachki, ravioli, etc., they contain more flavorings and colorings than meat. More and more manufacturers are moving to the genetically modified raw materials. For example, hot dogs, sausages 80% (!) Consist of transgenic soybean.

And one piece of smoked sausage contains many phenolic compounds, as a person breathes in one year! Phenol is highly toxic. Even the most margarine, with which I began my story — it's a solid transgenic fat — the most harmful type of fat. All products are harmful to its content. This cakes, cakes with cream, puff pastry. Excessive love for these saturated fat, sugar and products virtually guarantees a metabolic disorder and overweight. Even the most healthy and natural products can be harmful if grown, for example, near a highway or factory. Many foods contain genetically modified soybeans grown with the use of the herbicide «Roundup». These products have been developed by U.S. company Monsanto in the late 80's, which had previously led military developments.

As of 2008 in Russia approved for use in food soybeans, corn, sugar cane, rice and potato varieties, "Elizabeth 2904/1 kgs» and «Lugovskoi 1210 amk». The first wave of transgenic plants approved for practical application contained additional genes for resistance to diseases, herbicides, pests, spoilage during storage. But how will this affect us and future generations is still not fully known, and is the subject of much controversy and debate around the world. The main source of danger — it's imperfect technology of new transgenic organisms. When you create a GMO scientists still are blind. To obtain these properties geneticists remove or introduce DNA into certain plant of foreign genes in plants after new protein synthesized with different properties. Children under 4 years of age are particularly susceptible to the influence of foreign genes.

The health of many children who are bottle-fed, depends on how good is "artificial" foods. Children's bodies are sensitive to the "foreign" proteins, which he adapted from here — particularly high sensitivity to allergens. The main argument of proponents of genetically modified foods — and say it's improved the characteristics of the vegetables, fruits and grains. However, products containing GMOs adversely affect the reproductive system of this are the experiments with transgenic maize held by Austrian scientists. Mice fed on a corn, bear fewer young.

Other experiments showed necrotic changes in the liver of rats that ate one of the varieties of transgenic potatoes. Allergy to genetically modified soy can cause the emergence or worsening of chronic diseases. This is because the foreign proteins act on the digestive system, causing toxicity (toxicity) of the body, destroying the endocrine and immune systems. Products containing GMOs, given their huge profits to manufacturers.

As a security check of GMOs and GM products, mostly carried out by means of their manufacturers, often GMO safety studies are flawed and biased. At the same time, by scientists who are trying to convey to the public the true and objective information is pressure from those whose financial interests are affected. The first who had histological studies on the status of various organs in animals, which were added to the feed of GMOs was an English scientist, Hungarian-born Arpad Pusztay. He spent the independent studies on rats, which during the 10-day fed GM potatoes. The results were shocking. The animals were observed after 10 days of immune system suppression and violation of a number of organs (Pusztai, 1998). More than half of the rats died in the first generation and the second generation of rats to the light appeared. Opponents of genetically modefitsirovannyh products have a lot of arguments: if a person eats sausage with transgenes (eg, genetically modified soybeans) once, nothing will happen. However, we eat it every day.

Experts believe that after many years, genetically modified protein in the human body reaches a dangerous concentration. Recently in Australia was stopped work on the creation of genetically modified peas that are resistant to pests, but it caused allergic reactions in laboratory animals. Complications related to the environment, can not be corrected later, as issued by the modified genes in the pollination of their wild relatives, and even closely related species can not be deleted.

The same thing will happen prirasprostranenii genes potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses used in genetic engineering. In the three institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) examined the impact of GM soy on laboratory rats, mice and hamsters Campbell. The results were similar: a negative effect on the sexual organs and reproductive functions, the formation of tumors and mortality of the offspring.

After joining the WTO and the collapse of the agricultural sector of Russia are waiting for predictable times of the upsurge of disease and the extinction of the population. This will be facilitated massive imports of food products with GMOs. It seems to be a bit of permitted varieties, but they are added to many foods. The most common is the GM soybeans resistant to the herbicide, but as we know, it is used — from sausages to chocolates. In this sense, Russia has long been in the zone "of genetically modified destruction." Through the efforts of members of the committee of three major Russian Academies: Academy of Sciences, Medical Sciences and Agricultural Sciences cultivation of GM crops in Russia officially banned, but the import of GM food is allowed for some reason, besides the many products that contain GM ingredients do not contain the appropriate markings.

Institute of Nutrition suggested that the increase in recent years in Russia the number of cancer associated with the use of GM products. A large mass of GM products is made not for direct human consumption, and for the industry, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. However, soy and rapeseed feed the animals whose meat then gets to the people. As recalled by the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia, 40% of Russian imports of meat, including meat from animals fed GM foods.

Quite incomprehensible to the role of chief defender of the country from pesticides, tobacco and alcohol, which states that no GM food, the cultivation of which is prohibited in Russia, we can not do. Russian public are starting to protest, appeal to the President and Government of the country, demanding to stop the flow of GM products, GM seeds and GM-feed in Russia. Safety Committee of the State Duma draft federal law "On the biological safety and the regulation of food and products of vegetable and animal origin containing genetically modified organisms and their sources and producers of" prohibiting the production and sale of food products containing GMOs. However, the reason for the huge areas suitable for growing agricultural products, Mr. Onishchenko sees room for improvement with the provision of natural food. Experts claim that the production of organic food could be the agricultural specialization of Russia.

The abundance of relatively inexpensive land, vast areas "rested" from the agricultural use of lands that do not require special conversion after active service with the use of chemical fertilizers — all important factors of traditional organic farming. Why not turn the traditional disadvantages of domestic agriculture in its advantages? Today in Russia the first steps towards the establishment of zones free from GMOs and pesticides. This initiative took place in Moscow, Belgorod, Volgograd, Kostroma, Ryazan, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk regions. And why not extend this initiative and the Leningrad region, or even for an individual — Kirishsky area.

Victor Baburkin

Just for reference, I offer you a wonderful table, "vitamins" E, without which, it seems, the food industry there is simply impossible.

So deciphering this table:
Oh! — Dangerous
GS! — A very dangerous
(B) — forbidden
RK — causes intestinal disorders
RD — violates blood pressure
S — rash
P — crustaceans
RJ — causes stomach upset
X — Cholesterol
P — suspicious
VK — harmful to the skin

We eat carefully!


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