Transportation in Canada will cost 30 bison Yakutia in at least 13 million rubles

 Ministry of Nature Protection of Yakutia is willing to pay at least 13 million for transportation to the country of Canada, 30 wood bison.

The management of biological resources of protected areas in the Ministry of Natural Resources of Yakutia has placed order for transportation buffalo online public procurement.

The initial price of transportation is 13.2 million rubles. Animals should be taken to Yakutsk from Edmonton on a cargo plane IL-76 from March 15 to April 10, 2013. In addition, bison during transport must be in three trailers.

Earlier it was reported that in order to restore the population of bison in Yakutia in March 2013 godaprivezut 10 males and 20 females buffalo. At present, the national parks and special reserves there were 93 bison, also imported from Canada to Yakutia in several batches since 2006.

Yakutia authorities expect that by 2016, the bison in Yakutia will be at least 240 animals. This will begin the organization of free groups of the species and will provide an opportunity to create in Russia a center to preserve endangered species of the world fauna.

Bison — the closest relative of the bison. Externally it is very similar to a bison, but even more because of the massive low-set head and especially the thick and long hair covering the head, neck, shoulders, hump and some front legs. Buffalo hair reaches a length of 50 cm and forms a continuous tangled mane, almost close my eyes and hung from the chin and throat in the form of a long shaggy beard. Buffalo horns short form resemble the horns of bison, but usually blunt.

Weight of adult bison reaches tons, the height at the withers — up to 190 centimeters. Currently, the number of bison in the world is in the range of 4 thousand.

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