Tremors in the Kirov district of Leningrad region


6.07.11.O strange shocks, resulting in shaking cottages built in the Kirov district of Leningrad region, tells us the reader. "Today, July 6, at 0 hours, 5 minutes, in the Leningrad region in the mountains near the station and 45 km in 2-3 seconds strong shaking suburban buildings, "- said in a letter to the reader by the name of Alex. According to him, people ran out into the suburban streets.

"One would assume that the consequences of an explosion the Second World War, because in Mginskih forests once were fought, and this summer, though not as dry as the past, but also remarkable forest fires and smoke screen for several days. However, the noise wave, usually accompanying the surface explosion was not "- said the reader.

He hopes that the authorities will publish information on the causes of such shocks in forty kilometers of the Saint-Petersburg.

In the Kirov district of strange tremors shook buildings cottages, tells the reader


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