Tropical cyclone Yasi hit the coast of Australia

© REUTERS / US Naval Research Laboratory / Marine Meteorological Division

Tropical cyclone "Yasi" drew thousands of people to flee the Queensland reached the north-eastern coast of Australia, tens of thousands of homes have left without electricity, reported Wednesday by the Associated Press.

According to witnesses, the gusts of wind, the speed of which may soon reach 300 kilometers per hour, tear roofs off houses and trees bend down to the ground.

The state authorities expect that the cyclone will lead to significant damage and possibly loss of life. In this regard, on Tuesday began the evacuation of people from the most dangerous areas of the state that are under immediate threat of flooding. Just passing zone "Yasi" is home to about 250,000 people.

According to Bloomberg, on concern that the "Yasi" may cause significant damage to crops in Australia, the price of sugar on the stock exchange in New York on Wednesday jumped to a 30-year high.

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