Tropical cyclones unusual behavior

Currently, in the northwest Pacific tropical cyclones do not behave quite standard. Usually before they reach the Japanese islands in the late summer — early autumn, when the conditions for their development and the existence of the most favorable. In early summer, these cyclones often do not make it to Japan, but not this year. Japanese first disturber of peace in 2012, was named "Guchol", came to the island of Honshu. Wind in Japan reached 30 m / s, and the coast was blowing a hurricane — 35 m / s. Rainfall reached 400 mm in some places in Tokyo fell to 250 mm. Now "Guchol" weak, became a common midlatitude cyclone. Moving it to the north-east, in the coming days will touch South Kurils, where he will moderate rains. Recently in June tropical cyclone went to Japan in 2004.


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