Tropical storm Adrian off the coast of Mexico has grown into a hurricane

The first of the season tropical storm "Adrian" on the Pacific coast of Mexico has grown into a hurricane category 3 on Saffir — Simpson, according to the National Meteorological Service of Mexico.

Currently Hurricane "Adrian" is located at 520 km south of the resort town of Manzanillo and moving at a speed of 15 kilometers an hour to the north-east to the peninsula of California. The maximum wind speed reaches 185 kilometers per hour, with gusts to 220 kilometers per hour.

According to forecasts of the Mexican meteorologists in the hours before the expected strong winds 195-240 miles per hour.

On Wednesday, five Mexican states of alert was declared. Residents of the state of Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas recommended to have a backup supply of water and food, local fishermen denied access to the sea.

The rescue services are on high alert. Authorities fear that the rains could trigger floods and landslides.

According to forecasts of scientists from the National Meteorological Service of Mexico, this year we expect 17 storms, eight of them in the Pacific, and nine — in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

According to Mexican meteorologists, the current hurricane season will be more active because of the usual high temperatures in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean, combined with the neutral temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

This year, the fall is much more rainfall than in the past. Thus, according to scientists in June fall precipitation is 19% above the norm.


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