Tropical Storm Debbie in the Gulf of Mexico

June 24. Tropical storm Debbie is now in the Gulf of Mexico, experts believe that it can bring floods and tornadoes in the Gulf Coast.

At 4 am today, the storm is located 165 km south of the Mississippi delta, said specialists from the National Center for Control of hurricanes in Miami. The strength of the wind in the eye of the storm and eighty kilometers per hour, it moves at a speed of five miles per hour.

Storm warning was announced in the coastal area of Louisiana, from the mouth of the Pearl River. New Orleans is not included in this danger zone.

The combination of storm and tide will cause that normally dry areas that are located near the coast will be flooded with water. Representatives of the center to control the hurricane reported that the water level can be from two to four meters.

It is also expected that this area will drop from seven to fifteen centimeters in South Louisiana and Florida, and up to twenty-five centimeters in remote areas.

Because of the threat of tornadoes were evakurovany nine oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Charles Roeseler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Houston, said the storm Debby really can be directed in different ways, such as Florida, Louisiana and Texas. "It would be great if there was rain in Texas," — he added.

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On the Texas and Louisiana approaching tropical storm "Debbie"

June 24.In the south-east coast of the United States is approaching tropical storm "Debbie", which formed over the Gulf of Mexico.

The storm is about 350 miles southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi. Wind gusts up to 22 m / s. On Florida hit by heavy rains. Forecasters predict that "Debbie" will reach the coast of Texas and Louisiana.

Evacuated because of the storm nine oil and gas platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico. This is about 1.5% of the 596 units located there, reports CNN.

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In the Gulf of Mexico formed tropical storm

June 24.Tropical storm "Debbie" was formed in the Gulf of Mexico. According to weather forecasts, the element will cause heavy rains on the coast of southern Louisiana to the Florida peninsula.

"Debbie" is moving north at a speed of 10 km / h, the speed of the wind in the center of the hurricane at the moment is 80 km / h. On the coast of Louisiana declared a storm warning.

As noted by the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, this year four tropical storms formed before July 1, when tropical activity in the region is low.

According to meteorologists, this happens for the first time on record since 1851.

The first hurricane of this year was "Alberto." He appeared off the coast of South Carolina May 19 — nearly two weeks before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season.

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