Tropical storm Leslie is aimed at Newfoundland

"Leslie," September 8, 2012. © NASA

Last Sunday Bermuda hooked tropical storm "Leslie", coupled with a gusty wind and rain. Left without electricity a few shops down at least one lamp post, road littered with tree branches and other debris, but in general it's message about the consequences of the storm. Casualties or damage, fortunately, no.
Bermuda International Airport reopened after a temporary shutdown, in addition, will work again bus service television reported, "Hey, BBC News." School activities in Bermuda schools on Monday were canceled, and before the end of the inspections of ships and docks suspended ferry service.
However, Bermudians are no strangers to storms and hurricanes, so the approximation of "Leslie" they prepared thoroughly. According to one of the local residents, "it's a good excuse for doing nothing to do at home."
As of Monday morning, tropical storm "Leslie" was in the 1395 km south-southwest of Bermuda, moving north-northeast at a speed of 26 km / h in the direction of the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Maximum speed accompanying storm winds reached 95 km / h According to the weather forecast, during his way to Newfoundland, "Leslie" could become a hurricane.


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