Tsunami in Olympia

Olympia, a sanctuary of Zeus and the place of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, it was probably destroyed tsunami that penetrated deep into the country, and not as previously thought, as a result of earthquakes and inundations.

This is the latest theories advanced by Dr. Andreas Watt, professor of the Institute of Geography at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). Watt studied the changes that have occurred over the last 11,000 years along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean. The hypothesis of tsunami was launched in connection with precipitation discovered in the vicinity of Olympia, which had been buried under 8 meters thick layer of sand and other debris.

The results show that the region fell several times in large catastrophic floods and was covered with sediments in the past. Mussel and snail shells and the remains of foraminifera (marine protozoa) clearly indicate the origin of marine sedimentary material. Olympia is located at an altitude of 33 meters above sea level and at the present time is 22 km from the sea.

The researchers ruled out as the cause of earthquake damage, give an example of a fallen column drum temple of Zeus, which is actually "floats" in the residue, consisting of marine sediments, which includes shells and foraminifera.

Version of the reasons for such large-scale disasters, and that could cause such a grand movement of water does not extend. But by the time it is about the same as the flood described in the ancient sources.

Source: arhivarrus.com.

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