Turkey requests aid for quake relief

Authorities were asked to assist in disaster relief in 30 countries

The number of victims of the earthquake in the Turkish province of Van on Sunday, has been steadily growing. According to the latest data, killed 459 people, injured more than 1,300. Under the rubble are still some people, and Turkish rescuers lack of special equipment with which to penetrate the building's collapse, RIA "Novosti". Local hospitals can not cope with the influx of wounded, doctors are forced to assist in an emergency order on the street before entering the hospital or in the courtyard.

Another problem was the placement of the people who lost their homes. According to preliminary data, destroyed more than two thousand buildings.

In a prison in the city of Van rioted. The prisoners demanded their release, citing the fact that they do not want to die in prison in the event of another earthquake. Refused, the criminals set fire. Earlier in the province were destroyed another prison, bringing out about 150 prisoners escaped. Many of them see their families, returned, while others roam the city.

Meanwhile, aftershocks continue. The last earthquake of magnitude 5.7 was recorded on Tuesday at 17:55 local time. Its center was located at a depth of 7.3 kilometrf. Seismologists believe that aftershocks will continue for a few months.

Soberly assessing the situation, the Turkish authorities, previously refused any foreign aid, sent a written consent to the 30 states, the previously declared their readiness to assist. Of these countries, and Israel, relations with which Turkey has recently been extremely intense. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the Turkish side to provide everything you need, according to The Ierusalem Post.

The first "747" with temporary residential buildings on board will arrive in Turkey today. Followed in the next few days will be sent a few planes. Israeli rescuers and doctors Turkish side has requested not to send.

Source: utro.ru.

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