Turks are afraid of a possible tsunami

In Turkey and further extend the earthquake, reports sabah.com.tr. So, after the June 12 earthquake of magnitude 6 in the south-western province of Mugla country epicenter of tremors shifted to Sirnak, in the north-east.

This region borders with Syria and Iraq, and is in high mountain areas. Seismologists warn residents of amplification attacks, which are still up 5.5 points.

However, no less disturbing news coming from the west of Turkey. The earthquake, which began in Mugla, spread to one of the best resorts of the country — an area of Fethiye.

Power tremors there reached 6 points and has already surpassed all previous earthquakes that occurred in the XX century. Meanwhile, due to seismic processes in the sea near Fethiye dropped to 50 meters below its coastal level. Therefore, the local residents and tourists appeared unusual pattern bare sandy strip, which still covered the water. Alarmed by the unusual natural phenomenon Fethiye panicked residents, and between them there are rumors that the south of Turkey is approaching tsunami. Many residents have already hurriedly left their homes and moved away from the coast to the mountainous terrain.

Meanwhile, the panic that arose among the inhabitants of the resort, can be considered irrational. A year ago, a group of Egyptian and Italian scientists warned the Mediterranean countries, in the next three years they will though extremely rare in this region, but extremely destructive tsunami.

Source: the-day-x.ru

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