Two days of flood victims in Sri Lanka were 13 people

Floods in Sri LankaLast day at least 13 people were killed in Sri Lanka as a result of flooding caused by incessant rains.

As reported on Saturday, February 5, the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the worst situation is in the Eastern Province of the Republic — there were flooded most of the settlements. As a result, tens of thousands of people cut off from rescuers and can not get food and medical supplies. Deteriorating situation in the eastern, northern and central provinces.

In all, the floods in January 2011 in Sri Lanka killed 32 people, left without housing 340,000 people. The damage caused by incessant rains that caused overflows of the local reservoirs and massive landslides, estimated at $ 500 million. From the disaster has affected millions of people of this island nation.

The population of Sri Lanka, according to estimates as of July 2009 is 21.3 million.

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