Typhoon Bolaven hit South Korea

Powerful typhoon "Bolaven" with strong winds and heavy rains hit South Korea, killing at least nine people and breaking on the rocks two Chinese fishing boats, creating additional problems for the Coast Guard.

Employees of the Coast Guard in wetsuits worked to save the Chinese fishermen. Also had to use the launcher to grab ropes surviving ship, while the other fell apart. Rescuers managed to save the lives of 12 people, and another 6 swam to shore on their own, the 10 crew members are still missing. It was later found five bodies.

Typhoon "Bolaven" is the strongest in South Korea for the last 10 years. Wind speed, which brought to the southern and western regions of the heavy rains, reached 144 km per hour. As a result of the typhoon were torn off street lights, signs, signboards, shattered windows, uprooted trees, damaged buildings and cars.

North Korea, which is still experiencing the effects of severe flooding and devastating drought, is the next in the way of the typhoon, which had already knocked down hundreds of trees, tore power cables, causing power outages in the western city of Kaesong and Haeju. The damage will only grow with the movement of the typhoon in the country.

Strong waves near the bridge in the port city of Pusan.

Destroyed prefabricated houses on the island of Jeju.

Fragments of Chinese ship that crashed on the rocks off the coast of Jeju Island, washed ashore.

All flights to Gimpo Airport in Seoul were canceled.

Uprooted tree in Chonype, 280 km south of Seoul.

77,000-ton cargo ship, split into two parts, near the port Sacheon, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

A man stands next to a detached part of the building in Mokpo, 310 kilometers south of Seoul.

The steel structure fell on a car in Jeonju, 200 kilometers south of Seoul.

Beach covered with agricultural equipment, Wando, 360 km south of Seoul.

The car swept away a huge wave during the approach of Typhoon "Bolaven" to Qingdao, China.

Cars demolished by waves on the seafront in Qingdao, China.

Source: photo-day.ru

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