Typhoon Guchol hit the central island of Japan

Typhoon "Guchol", which in the early morning with great speed was coming to Japan reached the island of Honshu. Contrary to the forecasts of the national meteorological agencies in the country, the typhoon passed over the southern island of Kyushu, and struck immediately by the central Honshu.

Currently "Guchol" (as residents of Micronesia call one of their spices) with a speed of 50 km per hour moves in the prefecture of Wakayama in the direction of the capital region. At Tokyo, he should come down for a few hours. Wind gusts kept at 20-25 meters per second — under their pressure molded wood and fall bikes parked. In addition to strong typhoon winds brought rain and strong, but the umbrellas to use in such circumstances is not only difficult, but also dangerous — they are literally pulling out of hand.

It should be noted that this is the first typhoon that hit Japan in 2012, and he came significantly earlier than usual. Because of the typhoon was canceled over 400 domestic flights and stopped the movement of passenger ferries, the government advised the owners of private yachts and boats do not go out into the ocean. In depot remained about 90 cruise trains.

In the morning raging forces of nature were the focus of newscasts and newspaper headlines. Update arrives continuously — accustomed to disasters Japan prefers to err. Authorities warn of floods as a result of river flooding and strongly recommend that people of the country do not leave home without need.

According to ITAR-TASS.

About 20 people were injured in struck western Japan typhoon "Guchol", according to unconfirmed reports, one person was killed, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Japanese media.

In particular, in the city of Osaka injured seven people in Kyoto — two more.

Disposal mandatory evacuation were more than five thousand people. About 50 people received an order to prepare to evacuate due to the typhoon.

At present, 67 people who could not go to relatives, housed in temporary shelters.

About 134 thousand homes in the city of Shizuoka powered down. Thousands of homes in various parts of Japan damaged.

Meteorolicheskoe main agency of the country issued a warning of possible landslides and flooding throughout the islands of Okinawa and Shikoku, in southern island of Kyushu, and for most of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

Currently typhoon "Guchol" located off the southern coast of the central areas of the island of Honshu. The pressure at the center of the typhoon is 970 hPa and wind speeds up to 180 kilometers per hour.

"Guchol" moves to the north-north-east of the country with storostyu 55 kilometers per hour. Meteorologists warn that the approach of the typhoon will be accompanied by heavy rains — the rainfall up to 80 millimeters per hour. It is expected that the brunt of the typhoon in the Kanto region, which is the capital of Japan, it is necessary for early Wednesday morning.

Typhoon "Guchol" brought to Japan rainfall and landslides, 35 people injured

Typhoon "Guchol" that hit Japan on Tuesday, resulted in several landslides in the central part of the country's main island of Honshu, alerts were sent to evacuate more than 150 thousand people, the agency Kyodo.

Typhoon "Guchol" began its move to the islands of Okinawa and Kyushu toward the main island of Honshu at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour over the weekend. The pressure at the center of the typhoon was 985 hPa and wind speeds up to 180 kilometers per hour.

Currently, there is a typhoon off the east coast of the Japanese island of Honshu between the cities of Tokyo and Fukushima and moving to the northeast at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

Across the country were canceled nearly 500 domestic and international flights. Detained dozens of trains. Damage received hundreds of homes.

According to preliminary data, the typhoon injured about 35 people. As previously reported, according to unconfirmed reports, one person was killed.

The announcement of the evacuation announcement to more than 130 thousand people in the Aichi Prefecture, Kinki and Tokai areas. In addition, about 15 thousand people in the affected last year by a powerful earthquake and tsunami Miyagi Prefecture also received notice of readiness for evacuation.

In temporary shelters are more than five hundred people.

Source: the-day-x.ru.

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