Typhoons in Vietnam and the Philippines

According to authorities, the strong wind and rain caused by typhoon "Kai Tak" in the northern part of Vietnam, on 21 August took the lives of at least 17 people, destroying homes and inundating thousands of families a valuable crop. Coglasno National Committee of flood control, the typhoon that hit the country back on August 17, brought wind gusts that reached 100 kilometers per hour.

It is believed that many people were killed by landslides or trying to cross over the banks of the river. In the capital, Hanoi, have been uprooted more than 200 trees, and in the middle of the main road was a large sump. More than 12,000 houses destroyed, some 30,500 hectares of fields across the country flooded. Before you come down on Vietnam, the typhoon took the life of seven Filipinos and two people in China, where about 530,000 people were evacuated.
After the recent deadly monsoon rains, took the life of more than 170 people, the typhoon "Tembin" brought heavy rain to the north of the Philippines August 20, 2012, triggering landslides and floods. Tropical storm was moving north at a speed mountain regions gusts to 160 kilometers per hour. Official data on casualties have been reported yet.

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