U.S.: Anomalous behavior of fish

Post LPAC:According to research by the Pacific Ring of Fire, the anomalous behavior of animals, including fish, is often observed before strong earthquakes. Geologist Berkland points to the large number of unusual behavior of fish, which is consistent with its forecast of a high risk of a massive earthquake in the period between 19 and 27 March at the Pacific Coast (based on the specific solar and lunar activity, the man known, in particular, the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989 the year predicted).In recent days, there was:- March 8 over a million dead sardines in Marina, Redondo Beach, south of Los Angeles. They swam in the King Harbor in such a wild number that the oxygen in the water and they are massively over dead. Over 175 tons of sardines died in the harbor. Shoals of fish were seen at King Harbor and March 18.-
March 11, a lot of sardines and other fish floated to the surface in Acapulco, Mexico, so close rows that looked like the top of the oil spill- March 9 flock 14-15 whale was spotted on the surface between Long Beach and Catalina Island. This is being very cautious and that we see them near densely populated places extremely unusual phenomenon commented David Bader, a marine biologist. Usually they come up only for a moment, and then again go in depth on the hour, and they are difficult to observe, but the whales were swimming all the time to see. They are rarely observed, but a flock of this size in this area have never heard.- flock whale was also seen in San Diego at the same timeSOURCE — LPAC

Source: aftershock_1.

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