U.S. crop-threatening droughts in 2011

Farmers many U.S. states were concerned about the condition of winter crops in the spring time. Because high temperatures have led to the early melting of snow in the fields. Farmers fear that melt water is not enough to feed the culture of the late spring, and were absolutely right.

At the moment, nearly all of the major agricultural areas well established unprecedented drought that threatens the production of corn, cotton and other row crops, reports IA "Kazakh-grain."

U.S. Weather Service said that this drought is fixed for the first time in two years. The longest absence of rainfall recorded in the state of Texas, where 43% of cultivated fields are heavily drought in 2005/06.

Experts say that the last hope of saving the harvest-2011 imposed only on precipitation during April, which may still change the situation for the better.


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