U.S. scientists have noticed traces of a giant explosion in our galaxy




U.S. astronomers have discovered traces of a giant blast of gamma rays, which occurred thousands of years ago in our galaxy — the Milky Way.

Noted scientists supernova, which they called W49B, is a nebula, located about 35 million light-years from Earth. It can be considered as a consequence of the first such explosion in the Milky Way.

Astronomers found on this formation having a shape of a barrel, the four surrounding infrared ray, as well as a powerful X-ray radiation, which suggests the presence of iron and nickel in the axis of the body. Moreover, each of the rings has a diameter of approximately 25 light years.

The discovery was made by the Space Telescope "Chandra" using X-rays, as well as a giant telescope observatory in Monte Palomar, California.

"This exciting discovery imagination shows that over a massive star exploded, becoming a two mighty flow in opposite directions. These streams are rich in iron," — said the representative of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jonathan Koen.

Battery News, 04.06.2004 9:53
Source: Expert Center

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