U.S.: Thousands of earthquakes in Arkansas since last September

Since last September in Arkansas happened over 1000 earthquakes, while — mostly small, magnitude over 4 had only two of them.But history proves that, in this area (the so-called New Madrid seismological zone) occur much more serious earthquake with magnitude of more than 7 or even 8, the last of which took place in 1812. According to the U.S. Geological Survey estimates, an earthquake happen today, will be flooded many areas (Mississippi), the roads become impassable for a few months as a field that can not be farmed.

In Memphis and the surrounding area more than a million people will be seriously affected — because of the aging of buildings, including schools and fire stations. Very few buildings were built according to the standards required under seymicheskoy region's history. 

Source: larouchepac.com.

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