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The ability of music to make us feel. Joy, sadness, excitement, or just fatigue can be accurately predicted by several of its basic elements, an Australian researcher has found. Among them, volume, tempo and pitch, says Emery Schubert of the University of New South Wales. His study — one of the first of its kind — a mathematical analysis of emotional effects of music. During the experiment, which he established 67 participants listened to four classical works ("Slavic dance" Dvorak "Aranhuessky concert" Joaquin Rodrigo, "Pizzicato Polka" by Johann Strauss Jr. and Josef Strauss's "Morning" by Grieg), while moving with the mouse cursor on screen — in order to show how experienced the emotions they expressed musically. Mouse movements are shown, whether they consider music a joyful, sad, exciting or calming, ie, according to Schubert, created a two-dimensional emotional space. Cursor recorded every second computer.

The results showed that the excitation, for example due to the greatest extent with a smaller volume and — the tempo. Interconnection with a major fret joy and sadness — with a minor is known for a long time. The new study also provided evidence to suggest that the joy associated with pitch and the number of tools, but it's obviously only works Rodrigo and Grieg.

Battery News, 25.05.2004 10:50

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