UK: Rocks Skipsi destroyed by erosion

Falling into the sea, almost all the road along the coast to Skipsi disappeared and bungalows closer to the edge.

May 24. Huge chunks of the cliff by the sea crashed into the water near Skipsi (Skipsi (Skipsea, Gmap) — a place on the east coast of England, in the eastern region of Yorkshire, — annotated. Translator), And local residents only remains that the "watch and wait" to see how many houses are gone.

Erosion along the East Coast — the problem of the last few years, and recent tides with the rain and wind, "contribute" more rapid disappearance of the earth than ever, because of what local people were encouraged to stay away from the rocks.

Chairman of the local District Council Jerry Loft said: "Over the last 5-6 years only increased erosion, and as a result we now have weekly cracks. According to calculations of the Council of the Eastern District of Yorkshire, on average it is about 2.5 meters of soil erosion, but here at one time affects about 8, 9, or even 10 feet. I thought that if we go podsypaya land, it will weaken the impact of the sea, but it how many time the land is necessary. It worries me, and I think the government could do more research of this problem. "

However, Mike Ball — Chief Engineer of the Eastern District of Yorkshire Council said that no one would interfere with this natural process. According to him, the Council adheres to the "policy of non-intervention" in this part of the coast. "But we have to keep an eye on him, regularly doing surveys and keep up to date with the locals."

"Over the past few years is clearly a trend in the increase of areas subjected to erosion, but it is happening due to global warming, according to some researchers — is unknown."

Top of the Rock is aligned under the caravan and camping, but in the end, these peaks are gradually destroyed due to a drop in the ocean.

According to the President of the local social club Kate Gill, for the last 11 years, the house is getting closer and closer to the cliff edge. Though he believes that even to the depths of the island a few hundred yards, but the erosion is inevitable. Jill believes that the coast all retreats and retreats.

"When you look at it — rocks and soil, and the tides carry them, then you understand that there is nothing that could keep it all in place. In my opinion, it still could take any action, but it is costly. "

When Jill asked if he is worried about the fate of the club, he said: "The Environment Agency checks each month. There are houses that even though they have long gardens, getting closer to the edge, and their owners have reported the degree of erosion and how long they may still remain on the coast. Previously, there was a main road, bus route and farm. Now they are not. Someday we will be told that we are not safe to stay. We are already looking for land in the hope that we can build a new club, while we still have time. Until then, we just watch and wait. "

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: Bridlington Free Press


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