Ukraine has become cold to -28

Ukraine has become cold as -28.  Photo: potok.uaC mid-February in some regions of Ukraine may be cold down to minus 25-28 degrees.

"Cooling in Ukraine will begin Feb. 10, but it will not be very strong. The temperature at night drops to -5 … -10 and day to 0-5 frost. February 11-12, on the contrary, will be a slight increase in temperature associated with the movement of the cyclone, which will be held from Scandinavia through Belarus and then on the left bank of Ukraine ", — the head of Ukrgidromettsentra Nicholas Kulbida.

According to him, starting from February 12, the temperature begins to drop again, but more significantly. "First, to -10 … -15 at night, and the next morning (about 13 to 16 February), the temperature will fall to around -14-19, places will be -25 … -28 (mainly in the northern and north- eastern regions), "- said the forecaster.

He added that the greatest frost will occur in the European part of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states in part — about -30.

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