Ukraine is increasingly attacking hurricanes and tornadoes

Over our country and neighboring Poland swept superstihiya. Experts say more will only get worse.

Recently the weather is more frightening Ukrainians hitherto unprecedented natural disaster. If somewhere is rain, the rain, if the wind — a hurricane, and if degree — the size of an egg. On Monday night the real horror experienced people in Kyiv and Cherkasy regions where severe hurricane swept through, and neighboring Poland is faced with a devastating tornado.

In Poland, the two elements hurt region: Cujavia-Pomerania and Wielkopolska. There are victims. According to witnesses, a tornado with roofs torn off houses and uproot trees. However, the city suffered not so much, but in the villages destroyed about a hundred houses, 550 hectares of forest, injuring 10 people, one died. Fallen trees blocked the roads, knocked power poles. The greatest damage occurred near the town of Pila. "First, we heard the noise. Then came the storm, strong wind arose, and then all was quiet. I thought it was over, but after a while we saw the approaching whirlwind "- describe the horror the locals on the forums. "After the tornado passed, all in my garden on the ground. The neighbors, too, everything is destroyed, "- said an eyewitness. Disaster victims, 64-year-old Peter Bochnyak, resident Vyshinok, repaired electrician in a cottage not far from his home village. "The house collapsed like a house of cards" — written media. According to Elizabeth Krivinskoy that works with Ukrainian immigrants in Poland, our countrymen in these areas do not live, so it is hardly among the victims is Ukrainian.

UKRAINE. To our country did not get a tornado, but the effects of the hurricane, which was held last night at Kyiv and Cherkashtyna no less grim. In Cherkassy region mostly got Kanev. According to witnesses, at their eyes with houses torn off roofs, smashed windows, broken trees — a city littered with broken glass and branches. Died 28-year-old resident of Kiev, resting on the banks of the Dnieper — a tree fell on him. In other cities and villages of the region — as dozens of trees uprooted and damaged roofs. Tornado touched themselves Cherkasy, writes local forum Symvol: «broken wire, broken many windows, roofs rooftops pozavorachivalo, and sometimes frustrated. At the heart of even the mobile does not work. " Suffered and Kyiv region — in several areas of the roof of a damaged hundreds of homes, toppled trees. Four people were hospitalized.

WAITING FOR HURRICANES. And our, and Polish meteorologists expect new vortices and hurricanes. "Today the conditions for the formation of vortices is very favorable, and they will all be stronger," — said the Polish meteorologists. They predict a storm in the south of the country, as well as in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine: "In all three countries, the hurricane will be very strong." According to the forecasts of our weather forecasters, Ukraine will be really troubled — in the coming days Ukrgidromettsentr across the country, except in the north, promises rain squalls, hail.

Meteorologists still consider: extreme natural phenomena — a manifestation of climate change caused by global warming. , Told "Today" on climate change specialist Andrew Martyniuk: "In Ukraine and in the whole of Europe is reflected not only in the form of frequent tornadoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy rain, but a strengthening of the heat that we have seen this, for example, before last , in the summer. " Experts predict that this trend will continue for the next decade: "The reason — the people in the past few decades have to emit more greenhouse gases — mainly carbon dioxide and methane. The greenhouse effect has always existed, but now it has grown proportionately, and this energy finds its way out in natural disasters, which are becoming more and more destructive. "
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