Ukraines independence: it would be better was the war

Ukraine's independence: it would be better was the warTwo historic date — 22 June 1941 and 24 August 1991 — have a lot in common, even in spite of the fact that at first glance day Independence day and the beginning of stateliness Russian war have nothing to do they can not. These two dates voedinyzhdy connects at least one thing: it is the date of commencement of war. And if the lead against the Russian Union of traditional war of destruction was not real, because of invincibility of the Red Army, then with the republics-fragments, in which there is not a trace of its former glory, to lead her there was no need.

Men, once united, now broken artificial boundaries, isolated in their own "independent" republics, he is fighting, killing himself, like a drug addict, tightly stranded on the needle. And it does it very quickly. Of course, not as rapidly as did the Nazis, but more excellent than the armada of the Wehrmacht and the SS.

Since 1991, Mr.. Ukraine, like the vast majority of republics of the fragments passed all stages of their development, but on the contrary, not developing as quickly degrade. From socialism to the wild, with an inhuman face of capitalism. From an industrial power appendage to the labor force, the country with the developed land sector that supports life in a huge number of villages to the countryside, where hundreds of villages are fast disappearing in the year. This Ukraine, although in its place, you can easily bring Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, the Baltic countries, the list can go on and on all.

But the worst thing is not the loss of industrial capacity. It, if desired, and the political will of the elites just can be returned. The most terrible changes have taken place with the people. Russian man, able to do, to see, to conquer the space, not anymore. He was replaced by opposite, in fact the complete opposite.

How is it that kids, grandkids favorites in Lofty Russian war destroyed the one thing for which shed their blood and gave their lives fathers and grandfathers? What happened to the stately people who shared their country apart and descended from her mind in a fit of looting and destruction? Succumbed to greed, fraud, vice and the lowest instincts, even though there were those who simply mistaken in believing that the department, life will flow as usual. Republican elite rushivshie Alliance, could not be mistaken — they are deliberately destroying our country. Now Gorbachev otreklamirov pizza, teaches Putin wits and management fundamentals largest fragment of the country, as Kravchuk wrote to order Yanukovych's latest, no one suitable Constitution of Ukraine.

We are losers, and then the victims in the information war. The loss cost very much, and for each of the last generation, born in the Ukraine since independence, the cost increases. For the majority of the victims of the defeat of the independence of the cost is a loss of livelihood, loss of the future for the children. Woe to the vanquished! Having met in 1991 with the 52-million population, Ukraine has entered the 21st anniversary of its independence with the population, slightly exceeding the 45-million mark, losing in the battle for the survival of more than 7 million of its own people. These only 7 million dead, count the unborn as well as emigrants and those who left in search of the best of life and livelihood is likely not probable. Account is plundered and destroyed by us, but under the supervision of guards from penetrating overseas uncle, companies and industries to lead, certainly not worth it, because the paper for which the register is not enough, and with the compilers thereof develop any mental illness.

Today generation goes, seen, and participating in industrialization, collectivization, electrification, post-war reconstruction majestic power. To replace them, a generation of "nezalezhnikov", who witnessed the working processes — deindustrializitsii, de-collectivization and the destruction of their own country.

The concept of the homeland for them was deliberately narrowed down: for the Russian people, the homeland forever remain the USSR to "nezalezhnikov" homeland became a small piece of the Union — Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, etc. Now any one of them is worn with the independence of the fragment's own country as a great shrine, although explain why possession of independence for the benefit of his small country, they can not, taking his argument to the nationalist mottos, arguing that Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania (required can be identified) Our homeland is not.

National idea rapidly replaced bucks, replaced not only that the ideology that reigned before him, and erased from the minds of moral norms. Now the head of the inhabitants of the outskirts of the empire littered and crammed it is not clear what. Anybody is faith in God greenish, altering the face regardless of denomination bills, someone firmly believes in its exclusivity, because it belongs to the descendants of the old ukrov, cargo, for whom the main thing — do not be Russian.

Pensioners cleverly silenced pensions, putting out their protest potential and the ability to watch over the actions of the political elite, which is already low because of their age. Their concern now is reduced to survival and expectation of payment of the pension, and if you are lucky, and getting Julia's or Vitino thousand. A youth was the victim of corruption on the part of the "good" overseas uncle, because films that were shot in his studio, so pleased all the dashing 90's. Now, however, some well loved films "B" category, which is not able to estimate something sublime and beautiful, not captured in Hollywood. Generation of independence, the overwhelming mass, unable not in the least constructive activity, and potential for protest he quickly lowered. On the streets they will be able to print only off social networks or the sudden introduction of Prohibition. Segodnyaschy-independent Ukraine resembles something of a wonderful new world of Aldous Huxley, but instead the triumph of society use it the triumph of public poverty and drug Somme, making life charming, replaced alcohol and TV. Just think of the shelves 10 years ago and now, as quickly increased the abundance of alcoholic products, this is the Somme, rapidly and shortens the life of Gone into oblivion.

Maybe it would have been better war? Maybe it would be better if the far '91, the Soviet Union would attack someone, and there was war? Many will criticize the creator of this article, but I think that out of this war, Russian Lud would come out the winner, with a clear mind and sober eye on life, rather than what it is at the moment.

Hunt to believe that in the future in the Ukraine on August 24, will be announced days of mourning, but in the history books outline a significantly since independence and the ruins of the Ukraine. And while I do not see no reason to celebrate the coming day or Independence, it's better to spend this day under the imperial or reddish (the essence does not change), banners, and not with the flag of the 2-equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow.

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