UN warns of impending ecological disasters

Learning about environmental tragedies in the gloomy news, it is easy to fall into despair.

Last Rio +20 environmental conference ended a disappointing conclusion — the Earth is on the verge of the apocalypse. Although gradually humanity is trying to overcome the environmental disaster, which, like a hurricane bearing down on the Earth, the environmental destruction of the planet is slowly but surely pace.

During the environmental conference, Rio +20, the UN released a report on the environmental status of the Earth. 500 pages detail the environmental degradation and the coming changes. Pesticide pollution, desertification, deforestation and destruction of wildlife are the 'highlights' of the report. Predictions of increasing sea levels, droughts, floods and the disappearance of fish populations threatened by people who do not take into account the UN warning, and those who are familiar with them — too.

According to the United Nations Environment reaches the threshold of the crash, which leads to irreversible processes. UNEP head Achim Steiner interpreted the report as a sign of criminal irresponsibility of mankind. It is also important to prevent the recurrence tehngogennyh disasters, a great many of which occurred in the last decade


UN Report of 1972, warned that all humanity was in danger because of potential environmental disasters. Some predictions, such as global population growth, fruition without leading to the collapse of civilization. Other problems such as air pollution and water pollution, should be considered in individual cases. The UN has called for the program will save the biodiversity and to protect the waterways, that's the most important goals

Each generation has to overcome the environmental problems of their predecessors. However, mankind is not located at the edge of a precipice. The current version of the UN is warning environmentalist Pascal's wager. It is better to focus on cleaning the air and water quality, which benefit the people living today. The success of past environmental efforts suggests that humanity can achieve these goals.

Source: planeta.moy.su.

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