Unexpected storms during drought surprised Chile


16.02.11.Neobychnye for this season storm passed over the central part of Chile in South America. Showers, rain, hail and winds devastated farmland.

Between October and April in the central part of Chile dry weather prevails. Especially little rain in January and February.

In these months, there is so dry that it normally can exist only plants that do not require much water. But some days the weather is unstable and instead of blue sky farmers see over the heads of the rushing storm clouds.

This phenomenon rarely occurs in the rainy season, not to mention the dry season. These clouds have brought to the region by heavy rains, hail, and tornadoes.

According to authorities, destroyed acres of fields. In some regions, the storm was raging at the time when the state introduced a disaster because of severe drought.

The rains did not help the dry ground, because floods have caused.


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