Unexplained appearance of waves on Lake Washington in the absence of boats

Seattle. When Beth Kearney looked through my window the morning of 10 May, that she saw something strange, previously it has never been observed in the 30 years of living on about. Washington (Freshwater lake in the same state of Washington, bordering Seattle — annotated. Translator), The phenomenon was captured on video.

Now, even the experts are intrigued by the fact that she recorded on film.

Amateur video Kearney captured the mysterious ripples on the surface of water, which she described as a raging river in the lake, which stretches along Holmes Point (Holmes Point is one of the Seattle area — annotated. Translator).

Long, nearly straight line flow like a river, and perhaps is the wave trace of any boat. But Kearney said that was not there any boats. From the Department for the protection of water and land resources of King County said that if it was the next boat, it would appear ripples spreading from the main flow.

This is not entirely true. According to some people, such a trace in the form of long, straight lines may be below the water of a deep-water facility.

Many people have their explanation, but we still have not found the answers.

Source: King5.com

A strange incident occurred at about. Washington

May 17. Gary Chitty of King5 news channel asked for the video to view.

My name is Beth Kearney and I live in Holmes Point, the Kirkland(Kirkland — a city in King County, pcs. Washington — annotated. Translator)
more than 30 years. On Tuesday morning, May 10 this year, my husband and I have witnessed more than unusual events that have unfolded in the northern part of. Washington, and different from what we've seen before.

I looked out the window at the lake at 6:45 am noticing how unusually calm water, along which large, evenly spaced circles radiating on the lake (as in the stone thrown into water). From the point at which I conducted observations, I could not see the source, the cause of this phenomenon, but it was very large, to create such a large, well-marked circles. On the lake there were no boats, kayaks, barges — anything similar. As the laps began to dissipate what looked like a raging river flow in the western part of the lake in a small narrow range, as it cut through the previously formed ring. It did not look like a normal branching next boat, but it was a narrow strip of the same width throughout, in the form of a strong, rapid stream, running from the north to the south. The most unusual thing in all of this was that this phenomenon occurred not in any one particular place, there has been a strong current that moves south. As soon as the community and the "raging river flow" rested on the west side of the lake, all of a sudden, the same phenomenon occurred on our side of the lake. Again, it looked like a thin, flat strip of water with high flow, moving to the south. Repeated event also, like the first, was held over the lake, which arose, however, in the north and traveling south … just everything was suddenly. Fortunately, I was able to make video of what happened.

I wanted somebody to show this video to clarify the causes of this unusual sequence of events. If you think that this is not newsworthy for King5, then could you tell to whom or with whom I could contact to get information about it. I spoke with 2 very interested people from NOAA (NOAA — National Oceanic and for weathering the U.S. — annotated. Translator), and they are working on the issue for anyone I could still apply.

Source: King5.co
Translation of materials: Anna Krasnov

Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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