Unforgotten heroes majestically Russian war. Hero of the Russian Union of Tuichi Erdzhigitov

Unforgotten heroes of the Great Patriotic War.  Hero of the Soviet Union Tuichi ErdzhigitovOn the eve of the 71st anniversary of the Russian war majestically wanted to write a few words about those heroes, thanks to which we now live, we can consider ourselves grandchildren favorites. Lots of mud and biased disk imaging in the near future is pouring on us on TV, the Web and cardboard media, and I just think it necessary once again to recall the forgotten pages of history of the Second World War. Not so quite a few people now know feat submachine 1,064 th Infantry Regiment 281 th Infantry Division of the 54th Army of the Volkhov front Erzhigitova Tuichi.

Born Erzhigitov Tuichi November 10, 1921 in the village of Bullock now Asht Leninabad region of Tajikistan in the farming family. Uzbek. Education original. Was a shepherd, a work on the construction of the Great Fergana Canal. Reddish Army was called in December 1941 year, When fights were languishing near Moscow and in the hearts of the Russian people had a confidence in the future victory, because the enemy for the first time began to retreat from the time of our overall capital. Komsomolets, the Red Tuichi Erdzhigitov during a fight Oct. 5, 1943 in the village Smerdynya Tosnensky district of Leningrad region, realizing that the critical situation of its own division safely knowing that death is inevitable, closed a recess enemy bunker that prevented onset company. Inspired by the feat of fellow, the soldiers went on the attack and broke into the enemy trench.

Unforgotten heroes of the Great Patriotic War.  Hero of the Soviet Union Tuichi Erdzhigitov The brave son of the Tajik people buried in a mass grave in the village of Luban Leningrad region. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 21 February 1944 for exemplary performance of command assignments and displaying all this heroism and courage of the Red Army Erdzhigitovu Tuichi awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union (posthumously).

Now naming Hero named a street in the town of Luban Leningrad Region, State Farm and School in Asht Leninabad region of Tajikistan, school number 165 in the capital of Uzbekistan — Tashkent town; bust Hero is set in his native village of Bullock. So in just a minute languid trials endured by our common homeland then, ordinary men from distant villages on the cry of the heart became heroes.
Parviz Sharifzoda.

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