Unidentified flying objects — "Quakers"

Unidentified Floating Object, or an NGO — the subject or glow in the hydrosphere of the Earth, the origin of which remains unknown.

There are cases where these objects are pursuing submarines, which is accompanied by characteristic acoustic signals resembling the croaking of frogs, because of what the divers have nicknamed them "Quakers."

During the "cold war" military suspected that this miniature American submarines or stationary objects, the purpose of which — zapelengovat boat likely opponent. Every year the "Quakers" is becoming more common, usually beginning at a depth of 200 meters. Their range extended from the Barents Sea to the North Atlantic.

The hypothesis is that this stationary objects had to be discarded, "Quakers" haunted boat, changing course after them, indicating their mobility. If they are off-line, they have someone to manage, or it must be a robot with artificial intelligence that would be too expensive even for the U.S..

Those who have heard the "Quaker" was created a lasting impression of awareness actions of unknown sound sources. It seemed that "Quakers", appearing from nowhere, persistently tried to establish contact. Judging by the continuously changing bearing with them circling around our submarines, changing the tone and frequency of the signal, as if inviting divers to talk to, actively responding to the sonar "parcel" with boats.

By themselves, "Quakers" did not represent a threat to submarines. Accompanying our submarines, they followed close to the exit of some area, then kvaknuv the last time disappeared as silently as appearing. Over the years there have been no known collision with the "Quakers" and, moreover, the impression that the "Quakers" actively demonstrate their friendliness.

Over time, NGOs and "Quakers" were not seriously disturb the Navy. Decision of the Minister of Defense Marshal Grechko Naval Intelligence during the special group was set up to organize and analyze all of unexplained phenomena occurring in the oceans, which could pose a danger to our ships. The officers, who obliged to collect the information, went on fleets, collecting all that somehow belonged to the problem. The Commander in Chief ordered to organize a series of ocean expeditions.

One of them, reconnaissance expedition ship "Chariton Laptev" in April 1970 coincided with the death of the North Atlantic of our nuclear submarine K-8. Interrupting listen to and record the thickness of ocean noise, "Laptev" rushed to the perishing nuclear-powered ships and managed to save most of the crew.

In the early 80's program "Quaker" was closed. The group disbanded, and all the accumulated materials and design relating disappeared in the naval archives classified as "Top Secret". It remains unclear why so suddenly disbanded the group, and that they were able to learn about the "Quakers"?

Some of the former members of the group believe that "Quakers" are unknown living creatures with a high level of intelligence. This is likely because the evidence about the unknown inhabitants of the ocean depths are available in large numbers. Adhere to this version, first of all, the workers of St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Russia seas, which at one time attracted to the theme of "Quaker".

Prehistoric cetaceous Basilosaurus had a serpentine shape
Perhaps it is a subspecies of giant eel or even a plesiosaur. Or "Quakers" belong to some kind of sub-species of giant squid arhitevrisov whose dead carcasses periodically dumped on the shore of the wave. Unknown arhitevrisy may well take submarines for its natural enemies — the sperm whale. Against this version is the behavior of the "Quaker", they did not flee, while they themselves do not come and do not show any fear or aggression.

The presence of the senses, working in the acoustic range, making it likely the version that "Quakers" have some of the characteristics of cetaceans, and then clear their interest in submarines. For example, prehistoric cetaceous Basilosaurus had a serpentine shape, live at great depths, and, most likely, had the same bodies of the transmission of sound as modern whales and dolphins. Perhaps beings like Basilosaurus still inhabit the depths of the ocean. Perhaps they even have evolved to perform daring raids into the upper layers of the ocean and are very worried, there is a mysterious meeting of NGOs, ie our submarine.

Decoders, who studied the recorded signals "Quaker", also disagree. Some believe that this signals of technical origin, others heard something alive. It was once believed that the "croak" — the case of female killer whales who published during the mating season is very similar sounds. However, killer whales are not extinct and continue to mate and calm in our days, when the "Quakers" disappeared. They appeared in the early 70s, the peak of messages took place in 1975 — 1980, and then for five years, they have disappeared. Since the 90s there have been no official reports on the meetings with the "Quakers".

The version that the "Quakers" are underwater alien ships, including a special taskforce officers not popular, although not completely eliminated. Perhaps it was the aliens accompany submarine sailing over their submarine bases, and escorted the boat to exit from these areas.

The most obvious version suggests that "Quakers" — this is the secret development of Americans seeking to use them to discover our submarines. Quite often (but not always) shortly after the "Quaker" in the location of our submarines appeared American anti-submarine ships. However, it is noted that the areas of most frequent detection of the sea serpent also coincide with areas where are the powerful anti-NATO forces.

Apparently, Americans worried about the giant sea creatures. In the early 90's in print flashed a message that the U.S. Navy intensively engaged in the study of the ocean floor and the search for the unknown inhabitants of great depths, the signals are repeatedly recorded and allegedly even been partially deciphered. Perhaps it was all about the same mysterious "Quakers"?

We can only speculate why it suddenly stopped the study and who is hiding under the name "Quakers" — living creatures, still unknown to science, secret U.S. intelligence objects or underwater alien ships.

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