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When one eye can not tell you what's going to come to the aid can touch. A new study by Vanderbilt University showed how this mechanism works supplements. Randolph Blake, Kenichi Sobel and Thomas James created a visually ambiguous situation by asking subjects to describe the rotation of a virtual sphere, which it was impossible to determine at a glance, while feeling the rotation of a tangible sphere.

The researchers found that when subjects looked at and touched at the same time, it seemed that the virtual sphere rotates in the same direction as perceived. When they first touched a spinning globe, and then looked at the scope of the screen, then the rotation of the first did not influence the perception of the second rotation. Brain subjects examined using functional magnetic resonance imaging, they found an increased activity of which receives the apparent motion, and it was stronger when the subjects watched the rotary sector.

This means that the tactile effect on the perception of movement. Of course, difficult for us to navigate the world with his eyes closed, but the feeling of helping to clarify the perception of the world around us.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 11.06.2004 12:48
Source: NTR.ru

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