United States under the «instant global strike» developed new hypersonic weapon

United States under the
First appeared in the U.S. in September describe a new hypersonic weapon, which is being developed within the framework of programs from the «instantaneous global strike» (CPGS), said with reference to a South Korean TV channel KBS city information portal «Agenda.»
Refers to the non-nuclear weapons capable of hitting any target on Earth within an hour after receiving the command. With all of this indicates that in the process of developing one of the priority objectives were considered North Korea’s nuclear facilities.
According to KBS, work on creating new tools have been conducted since 2000.
It allows to put the «Prompt Global Strike» with the countryside launched from U.S. drone aircraft by type of cruise missile.
Speeding up to hypersonic speeds, it can then plan on target to hit it with one or more warheads. Brand new rocket differs highest precision.
This instrument can be used for pre-emptive or retaliatory strike on North Korea in the event of a nuclear threat from this country emphasizes KBS.
Fully pre-emptive strike is likely due to the fact that the North Korean ballistic missile refills «Rodong» goes from 30 to 90 minutes.
First successful test of a hypersonic missile X-51A Waverider was held in 2011
The report of the Senior Researcher nuclear policy at the Carnegie Endowment for international peace James Acton says that the first successful test of a hypersonic missile X-51A Waverider was held in 2011. In May 2013 was successfully held its re-test. Currently, there is not yet an approved plan for the implementation and deployment of the system.
But in view of the current geopolitical situation in the world, President Barack Obama and South American Congress can listen to sounding in the U.S. calls for quick adoption of the need for service.
As reported by KBS, Our homeland and China oppose the current Pentagon weapons due to the difficulty of establishing the type (nuclear or ordinary) delivered its warhead.

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