Unknown Chinese missile — Russian Pioneer?

Unknown Chinese missile system - Soviet "Pioneer"?

Web resource militaryphotos.net published a picture of Chinese RK with the BR very much looks like Russian mobile ground missile complex average range "Pioneer". "Pioneers" have been eliminated under the Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces under Gorbachev, from 1988-1991. Expressed the view that the transport and launch container BR is on the six-axle chassis of the vehicle. In general, visible in the photo is not even all-wheel drive. One can imagine that the photo captures a mobile missile medium-range DF-25 Chinese production.

It is interesting that the previous model of the Chinese IRBM — DF-21A, placed on five axle chassis, which has range Accuracy 2.500 km — similar to the Russian Republic of Kazakhstan "On-Air", which, incidentally, is also eliminated by the INF Treaty. It was assumed that the DF-25, with a range of 3,200 km will have a 2-stage DF-31 ICBM, but it will be installed on five axle vehicle WS-2500 (need to see a copy of the MAZ-543).

Also in China, and was developed DF-41 ICBM. She had to carry the six-axle MAZ-547V (yes, the one on which were located and "Pioneer" missiles). In the network appeared information that China has caught 6 in Belarus MAZ-547V. In general, the development of DF-41 ended up at the beginning of the XXI century.

And if the picture really captures the six-axle car, it is possible that the unused MAZ-547V can be used for DF-25.

While it is difficult to judge how and what, but completely possible that the latest snapshot of Chinese mobile IRBM could be located in the network feeding the Chinese government. The premise could serve as the beginning of the test an ICBM / IRBM «Agni-V» in India. An indirect confirmation of the "stuffing" the picture is the fact that the photo DF-25 earlier was nowhere to be located.

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