Unknown stormed the Serbs in Kosovo

Unknown attacked the Serbs in KosovoAs a result, carried out by unknown attacks on Serbs in Kosovo, one person died, another seriously wounded. According to a representative of the local police Hazira Berisha, the police have conducted several raids and searches, but so far no arrests. Motives for the crime also are unknown.

Two Serbs — father and son — were fired zloumyshlinnikami when coming out of a restaurant in the village of Zrze. His father died on the spot and taken to the clinic offspring in a critical condition. The mayor of the town of Orahovac Marjan Šarić, near which the attack happened, said that it was committed by Kosovo Albanians and is "ethnically targeted", ITAR-TASS reported.

The Serbian Ministry of Kosovo and Metohija condemned attack on the 2-Serbs on the ground edge, and demanded that his investigation took Mission in the rule of law in Kosovo (EULEX). "It is necessary that investigation led EULEX, as Serbian society in Kosovo and Metohija does not trust the Albanian police, "- the report of the Ministry.

"This disaster is of great concern, because we are asking international forces to ensure the safety of all Serbs in Kosovo are south of the river Ibar," — the document says.

Militia afraid that sin might further destabilize the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and lead to new clashes with Serb police and NATO forces.

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