Unusually snowy winter in Japan

Unusually snowy winter in Japan has caused the death of more than 100 people, according to the channel NHK World. According to the Ministry of fires and emergencies, 103 people have died this winter in the incidents of adverse snowy weather, including traffic accidents.

In Niigata Prefecture registered 23 deaths, Hokkaido — 21, Yamagata — 15, Akita and Aomori — 12.

67, or 2/3 of the victims — people older than 65. More than 75% — were killed during the snow removal from roofs.

Ministry reminds that cleaning should be carried out in pairs, using the belay rope, suitable footwear, to ensure the stability of stairs before getting up on the roof. Need to remember and navigate the location of the water channels to prevent them in the fall.

Experts from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) warn that in the central and western parts of the country adjacent to the Sea of Japan, on Saturday, will continue to move snow. They also talk about the dangers that can occur on frozen motorways and the increased risk of vanishing in the mountains of snow avalanches.

Meteorologists reported that for the first time this winter in Hokkaido Abashiri city reached ice floes that drifted from the Sea of Okhotsk. A month ago, observed some ice packs, but due to the mild north winds they stay away from the coast.

Earlier this week, the winds intensified and moved closer to the coast the ice. Experts reported that the ice of the Sea of Okhotsk and reach other parts of the coast as early as the weekend.

JMA experts explain unusually snowy and cold winter frequent penetration of air masses from the north-west, which runs through the unfrozen water areas of the Far Eastern seas, bring heavy snowfall. The cause of these air currents are especially migration of Asian anticyclone. This situation in large parts of the northern hemisphere was observed in 2005. Then on Japan also hit by heavy snowfall.

Source: meteoinfo.ru.

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