Uruguay has found 400 dead penguins, seals and turtles


BUENOS AIRES, June 7. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Fomin /. On the coast of Uruguay found 400 dead Magellanic penguins, dozens of seals, turtles and sea birds, reported Monday by local authorities.

Uruguayan ecologists managed to save some penguins with signs of poisoning. The reasons for it could not be determined yet. However, in the water and on shore found several bags of chemicals to kill pests that anyone could throw off a passing ship. These insecticides are used to process the holds of cargo ships.

Nevertheless, while we can not reliably say that chemicals are to blame. Another strange fact is that the dead Magellanic penguins were so early, off the coast of Uruguay. These animals during hibernation annually migrate from the south of Argentina to the Brazilian coast, sailing over 5 thousand kilometers. And near Uruguay they are not before July.

In recent years, many of them unable to get to the warm countries because of environmental degradation. They suffer from the oil spill in the Atlantic, they are exhausted and the Uruguayan coast with signs of dehydration and hypothermia. Oil is falling on the feathers, leads to loss of subcutaneous fat penguins, which protects them from low temperatures in water.

As a veterinarian, told reporters nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the environment "Sokobioma", "we have great concern that the bodies of dead penguins were covered in oil, and as there is no certainty that their death is associated with chemicals, the reasons can be much more dangerous ". Now experts conduct the necessary research to find out what led to the death of animals.

Magellanic penguins are named after the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, who discovered their habitats. The size of the birds reach a length of 70 cm and a weight of about 4 kg. World population totals 1.8 million pairs. Magellanic Penguin is listed in the Red Book.


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