USA: devastating ice storm destroyed the car and blocked the road. Photographic

June 9. These incredible pictures show the effects of severe storms with hail, swept this week in Colorado and Wyoming.

Heavy hail sheltered ground so thick that it seemed as if the neighborhood was covered with snow. Stunned people began to spread in Facebook and Twitter photos, which you can see that some of the cars were almost buried under a layer of ice.

One of the pictures has touched many hearts. In the image visible dog, trying to hide from the rain in a garbage can.

Powerful hail storm was part of a system that on Thursday swept through parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Storm came after an incredibly late spring, fester in the region. However, the beginning of June is the best time for such storms in these areas. In the second half of the month the weather calm down, and start to form in July monsoons.

Weather-damaged at least seven homes in Elbert County in the plains southeast of Denver. In some houses blown away, many broken windows. Counting the damage continues.

Laura Van Wye said that she and her husband, two year old son and two dogs in the basement, while the storm raged in Kiowa, Colorado. It seemed like it would last forever.

According to the offices of the National Weather Service in Cheyenne, storms in both states were caused by the same factors. Low pressure area "stuck" on the northern mountains of Colorado and Laramie in the south-east of Casper. This system is a result of moisture pulled into the region from the Gulf of Mexico. The interaction of high-altitude westerly winds from the south-vostonymi subsurface led to the formation of super-cells, some of which gave rise to a tornado.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin


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