USA. The devastating storm Nosister. Tomorrow.

The next hurricane, or rather storm, called "Nosister" will come in the not had time to recover from hurricane "Sandy" New York and New Jersey on Wednesday, according to the National Meteorological Center.

Storm "Nosister" will be much less power than the "Sandy", but would represent a significant threat because of its gusts could reach 55 miles per hour (70 kilometers per hour). Meteorologists call to prepare for the next possible flooding of coastal areas, falling trees and cliff lines.

"Nosister" will bring cold and is expected to snow.

The townspeople again appeal to this case to stock up the necessary supply of products and not to leave the house on Wednesday, the day after the vote, the U.S. presidential election.

Hurricane "Sandy", which struck last week on the east coast of the United States, has claimed more than 100 lives, including more than 40 in New York City, paralyzing traffic, destroying hundreds of homes in the coastal zone. In New York State, approximately half a million people are still without electricity.

On Monday, New York's children went to school after a week's break, the underground line work, but has not yet been fully implemented.



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