Venezuelan mountain Gramoven in motion

March 17. A grid of faults and fractures in the first few kilometers of the highway, turned uphill Gramoven a bomb, experts say (one of them — Venancio Alcázares).

"Of course, it's not as in the case of the viaduct № 1 6 years ago, when part of the concrete structure of the Caracas fell into the void in the direction of the mountain, but now this can happen with Gramoven, which may fall into the road, and thus disrupt the normal traffic on the the road. "

And this is the scenario in which a violation may occur integrity of the road, on the very critical first four kilometers Caracas-La Guaira.

Javier Garcia, professor of Moscow University, a specialist in road construction, explains that the most critical section has a length of 600 meters in the direction of Caracas, on this site especially a lot of vertical cracks.

Garcia confirmed that the mountain is moving constantly, daily, and that for the period from December to the present total of mountain shifted by 50 cm.

"We can not say when it will happen, but the motion continues, the slope can be destroyed completely and fall to the highway, thus damaging the road and completely violating its traffic", — he said.

According to him, if the worst-case scenario comes true, the cleaning of the road may take up to a month, depending on the amount of the fallen earth, and the motion is on the old road, causing her congestion.

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: El

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